Monthly Archives: February 2018

The Virgin-Queen Archetype

This piece I wrote on FetLife a little while ago.  It expresses some of my thoughts on the type of person I find irresistible as a domme – The Virgin Queen.

You Don’t Need A Collar To Be An Owned Submissive

I was given a collar once, you know. It didn’t work out too well at the time. Despite having submissive leanings for years before meeting this lifestyle chastity domme I had a lot to unlearn before I could learn properly what it meant to be a sub. 

The Gresham’s Law of Online BDSM

I have a theory about what the Internet has done to the expectations of both dommes and subs as to what BDSM really is.  I’ve given potted versions to various people but now I have my own space I can fully elaborate.

Breaking Limits, Pushing Boundaries

“Will you try something new ?”

That’s a hell of a question for a domme to ask.

Where has melody been all this time ?

It’s rather daunting to be sat here with a blank canvas and wondering what pictures to paint on it.

One thing that cropped up from my guest writings was the question of why hasn’t melody written before.  Well, she has.