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By | August 18, 2019
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Too many posts of a more serious nature recently, it’s time to talk of some more fun things.

Perhaps you might call this my primary fetish – the original sin, as it were.  I have been fascinated by high heels and women’s shoes for as long as I can remember.  Some speculation is that it may have started very young from crawling on the floor as adults had a party.  Women dressed in heels that were at my eye level.

I could also point out that I was known at a young age for waking up early the morning after such events and finishing off the spirits in leftover glasses.  I’m not sure I would classify my liking for single malt whisky as a fetish, though it may have had a similar beginning to my fantasy for heels and at around the same time.


The 60’s are calling

From what I can remember my earliest sexual awakening was around the high heels in the back of my mother’s wardrobe, the ones she never wore.  The growing child could fit in them, walk around and for a time feel aroused.

Of course, it didn’t take long for my feet to grow beyond being cramped in those heels to not fitting at all and as such the fetish had to be pushed to one side.  Never forgotten, though.  Introduced to porn magazines my first gaze would always be drawn to the shoes.  Something about the lines, the way they accentuated and extended the legs, the exaggerated arch of the foot and in a very Victorian way, the way they made the ankle erotic and sexual.


Although I left home at 18 it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I was in a position financially and privacy-wise for the fetish to be explored once more.  Women’s shoes and heels in larger male sizes where ruinously expensive and hard to get hold of.  Typically from classified ads in the back of specialist fetish magazines where you sent off a letter and a cheque and waited a couple of months for them to be delivered.


Standard court shoes available pre-Internet

Ah – ancient history as far as the Internet generation is concerned.  Calling in at the local postal depot at 5 am on the way to work to pick up a parcel that you hoped had not been opened or had embarrassing words on the label.

There’s an interesting and subsequently important thing with high heeled shoes as far as the male part of me was concerned.  As a fit, they don’t work with socks.  Barefoot they will become sticky with sweat that degrades the inner part of the shoe.  Any initial arousal in resurrecting a heel/shoe fetish subsided in the name of practicality.  And that practicality was the realisation that some form of hosiery was required to properly wear the shoes.  Cheap supermarket tights or knee highs were the order of the day and lead to various realisations as time went by (you might say that these days I have a hosiery kink as strong as the shoes)

In other words, my fascination with heels was one of being able to comfortably wear and walk in them.  Old perceptions of a fetish for masturbation long since discarded.

Purple Slingbacks with Toe DecorationAnd that kind of sums up my journey through gender dysphoria, even though I didn’t know it at the time.  The heels were a gateway to other things and sensations.  From exploring hosiery to lingerie, to skirts, blouses and dresses the overriding concept to me was one of being comfortable in what I was wearing.  I’d talk to others in chat rooms who would talk about intense erections the moment they felt the nylons or silk panties encase their skin and that certainly wasn’t me.  My manifestation was a certain calm amidst the storms of my vanilla life.

The advent of the Internet was both a boon and a curse.  Discovering eBay and being able to find larger size shoes at reasonable prices, even from abroad, especially the USA meant that I had a craving to explore every different type of shoe and heel I could find.  At one point I had over 300 pairs of shoes – okay, call it a bit obsessive.  All were different in various ways.  Colours, heel height and shape and so many different body styles.

Last time I moved I disposed of maybe 200 pairs !!


4″ heel and incredibly comfortable

Larger size female shoes are no longer a specialty sector.  There are mainstream online clothing stores that have ranges going up to my size as women’s feet are growing on average.  I’ve probably added about 70 pairs from that source and yet there’s nothing outlandish about the styles, they are real women’s styles rather than a kinky or sexualised emulation of female normalcy.

For maybe 20 years I would don shoes and clothes ranging for a few days at a time every few weeks, to every several months.  Then, everything changed about 3 years ago.

An inadvertent trigger from the hypnosis set free melody’s need to dress, including the heels as the foundation of everything.  It became important to dress everyday after work.  It became important to be able to wear 4″ heels as if born to them.


Yes, I do wear these to work

That hasn’t particularly changed since then except that I now wear so much that’s feminine to work that I don’t often need to change when I get home.  I can’t wear stilettos to work, but for the last year I have worn ankle boots with 4″ block or stacked heels.  And you can’t wear those unless there’s hosiery involved etc.

I still love the joy of opening a shoe box.  First the scent, then the rustle of tissue paper, then the appreciation of the new form laid out in the box.  It’s always intoxicating.  The trying them on when although I’ve come to more or less trust the sizing of my preferred online store, the question of will they fit properly or will they pinch ?

Being able to walk in high heels on a flat carpeted floor is one thing.  Walking in the outside world is totally different.  Venturing out in heels was always difficult, the sort of thing done at 4 am in the dark to alleviate a sleepless night.  In switching to heels for everyday work my gait, stride and balance has changed immeasurably.  I used to walk the circuit of the business park in about 1800 steps, I now take about 2200 and more time.  This is not about being awkward, unsteady or cautious.  It is the natural, fluid gait and stride dictated by the heels.


My favourite boots

I’ve even been out in the wild of unkempt and rough pavement in stilettos as part of my public outings where the new found fluency from the block heels pays dividends in walking naturally.

Are female shoes and heels my fetish ?  I’d certainly say that they were a very long time ago.  They provided the impetus to explore dressing long before the realisation that dressing was a manifestation of gender dysphoria.  However, each stage, from heels to full dress only had a very short lived sexualised component to it that soon became one of simply feeling comfortable.  It’s so long since there was a component of arousal that I can’t consider heels, or dressing a fetish.

But oh yes, the sheer joy in browsing, choosing, waiting for delivery, unpacking and trying on a pair of heels.  I know many women who relate to that and describe it in very similar terms, though sometimes they’re talking about chocolate.

If melody was at all manufactured, it was in a shoe factory.


The day I could wear these to work would be a watershed


11 thoughts on “[Fetish & Kink] 👠👠👠👠

  1. andyetanotherusername

    2nd photo down…those are so sexy! I’m just now thinking of taking my dressing to the next level and venture in public. Playing different scenarios in my head as to how. I’m not ready and not sure if I ever will be ready to come out and be public with my crossdressing so I will have to be sneaky. Mine began with hosiery very young and have loved women’s legs in pantyhose always. I think I have fairly nice legs and of course pantyhose accentuates them, I now need to purchase my own heels. A task that seems so large and scary. I couldn’t try them on but from what I’ve read generally size two times up so I may take the plunge and try it.

    1. melodyinsights Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Firstly, you do look good in that dress, forget about what we don’t see and work from there. Shoes can take a while to sort out, so I’d offer these guidelines.

      1: You’ve already discovered something about shoes in trying to wear your ex’s that are too small for you. Use their size as a guide.
      2: I don’t know where you are in the world and so you need to understand advertised sizes. In UK, male and female shoe sizes are the same. So, a male size 8 is more or less the same as a female size 8 – with some caveats. The same is true of EU sizes, a 43 is a 43 for both male and female. The confusing thing is US sizing where indeed, female shoe sizes are two up from male sizes such that a male size 8 equates to a female size 10.
      3: Now the caveats which you’ll only find by experimentation and a cheap source of shoes such as 2nd hand from eBay until you find what works for you.
      4: Generally a female foot is narrower than a male foot and shoes are designed on that assumption. A typical female shoe would be considered narrow by a male. So, if you can find them, a female shoe in the same size as your male equivalent is usually a better fit if it is a wide fitting. Otherwise, you might still fit in the shoe but find your toes somewhat crushed.
      5: If you can’t find a wide fitting in a size/style, then it’s usually best to go up a size.
      6: Be aware that despite the official size charts, there is actually no standard as to what they mean. One manufacturer can be on the small side and another on the large size. Usually it is trial and error.

      Applying that personally, my shoe size is UK 9 1/2. I can wear a female 9 if is a wide fitting to make it comfortable, otherwise I need a female size 10. That equates to a US 11 if in wide fitting, or go to a size 12.

      Having found a shoe source where I more or less trust the size and fitting, I stick to it.

      There are lots of sources these days that mean you don’t have to be restricted to ‘fetish’ shoes. You can get ‘normal’ female styles and you’re not going to be gouged on price.

      I do hope you enjoy your exploration. The last piece of advice is to take the time to learn to walk comfortably in heels before going outside and in public. x

      1. andyetanotherusername

        Thank you for the compliment and also for the reply. I took a dive and bought a pair and am quite excited to share my experience. I plan on posting later when I have time to write. I will comment again to let you know when I have posted it, would love for you to hear my experience. Thank you!

  2. Posy Churchgate

    I really enjoyed this, thank you for digging deep into your early explorations into women’s clothing and your motivations, so interesting combined with my knowledge of your journey thus far.

    Your shoe collection – oh to die for! You wear them so well. I love a high heel (and even more so a boot, as I have very narrow feet and some shoes can look boat-y on me) 4″ heels have always been a stretch to far for me. Sadly now I am scaling down to lower shoes / boots and fancy trainers as my knees are beginning to complain. But go you melody, you’re rocking it!

    1. melodyinsights Post author

      It’s something all women know, what it takes to be natural in a heel. If you don’t grow up with it it is difficult to acquire. I cringe when I see video of otherwise accomplished dressers walking like they’re in wellies on a farm. A male with a shoe/heel fetish may only get an hour or two a week in them and sexual arousal and release is often the goal.

      Also, a fetishist can get hooked on trying higher and higher heels. I knew one who claimed to be able to wear 7″ heels, though all this actually meant was being able to stand and walk to the other side of the bedroom. I never got much past 5″ and now 4″ to 4 1/2″ is my comfort limit. That’s defined by, can I wear them all day in whatever environment ?

      Thanks Posy x

  3. NoraJean

    … ahhh yes … I/we too are of a pre internet age where one furtively picked up or received postal packages and/or shopped in vanilla stores to find items for non vanilla use (a trip to buy a crop from feed and tack store comes to mind :>)) However, I appreciate your self realization, that for you, first your heels, then your hosiery, were stepping stones to finding you … not just a kinky addition to your life … and what a long journey you’ve been on, to get where you are today.
    … and I too am jealous of your shoe collection …. heels were my go to work attire … and I can no longer wear them at all … a dress is just a dress without a fabulous pair of shoes to match :>)

    1. melodyinsights Post author

      Kink shopping trips into vanilla spaces, convinced everyone knows your embarrassing secrets 😉

      I’m really sorry you can’t wear heels anymore, they are such a glorious accessory to any outfit and being off limits must be hard.

      Thank you for passing by xx

  4. Sweetgirl

    Shoes and boots are a passion of mine.. unfortunately arthritis in my toe joints and an operation mean I struggle to find footwear that’s comfortable even when low heeled… high heels and after about 20 mins the balls of my feet are on fire. Its nerve pain caused by my back and so I will only rarely find heels that I can tolerate which is a damn shame cos I do love shoes! And, the ones you model here are gorgeous…

    1. melodyinsights Post author

      Thank you, I know of your painful struggles and I feel for you in not being able to indulge in shoes. There’s something very elemental about heels that says ‘female’ that gives them a significance to me.

      And yeah, I love those in the pictures, all quite comfortable these days.

      melody xx


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