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As With many other blog posts included in this separate tab – I write from personal experience mostly regarding the topics of Sexual, verbal, emotional and psychological abuse, #Narcissistic Personality Disorder #NPD and, #Sadistic negative characteristics.

Several types of Abuse run freely through this piece.

Proceed with caution if these topics are likely to cause distress.

Do You

Do the voices in your head
Tell you everything is dead
Convincing others you’re the best
Better than the rest ?

Do you hold your head up high
Every time you lie ?
Repeating words
Your opinions always must be heard

Do your mellifluous tones
Hide screaming inner babble noise
Does the world seem out of step
With your dynamic strength ?

Do you hide the inner Brute
under chills of fresh new sheets
Does the warmth of blind young fools
Keep you warm beneath gagged drools ?

When you flash those pearly whites
Do your fangs stay out of sight?
Does bloodlust rear its head
Before consensual exchanges said ?

When showing commanding stealth
Honesty flutters, out of reach
Do you crave sick sadistic thrills
Honing magisterial Rape Skills

the world your throne
Others’ views regurgitated as your own
Self awareness thin
You callously mimic ways
Chameleon camouflaged praise
Leave brains confused.

Do You Promise
You’re the best ?
Mentor, Trainer, Life Explainer
You hunt for fresh kill amongst the rest.

Shallow self serving and ungrateful
Tracking is fair game
Picking strong bait
Never lame
Strong targets,
succumbing to your whims

Unrelenting words of respect
soon your frequent whine,
Disdain, disgust, discard
You’re accomplished,
Looping finish line.

Do you look down your nose
At those contorted at your feet ?
Do you feel better ?
your sickening life.
Never learning better ways.
How many times will you say
“my life is on the rise,
I have new skills,
watch this space,
I’ve conquered a(nother) new prize“

Dear Reader he will drain you
Target you for skills,
challenge you in many ways
On reflection – quite absurd.

As you scroll your jumbled mind
“where did it all go wrong ?”
You were never meant to see the join
where the
mentally deranged ran wild.

How do I know ?
You ask yourself,
How do I know these tricks ?
Kindness, Care, Understanding –
The downfall of many that fall prey.
The chains that bind
Each programmed mind
blow torched,
petrol doused with lies,
to salvage his empty broken shell.

Knowledge is Liberty
set Yourself Free.

The future beckons warmly
As thoughts swirl in my head
If I stayed another day
Perhaps I’d Now be Dead ?


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