SwirlingFire: The Silent Charmer

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The Silent Charmer

Sneaking up when you weren’t paying attention
A stealth bomber on a black ops mission
A barely audible hum
Matt black surface on a metal casing
Dials and switches
Blinking on and off
A nano second trip switch
Throws you off kilter
Whatever whooshed past you best say ‘goodbye’
It’s a long time until the next circuit completes
Confusion not clarity
Trickery not transparency
Swooping in as a white knight before
Precision cut sections
Keyhole incisions to drain the senses

You wont ever be able to pinpoint the first time
The blip
The push back
A test
You failed
You believed the fault was yours
Gut wrenching knots as acid reflux burns your throat
The voice you need escapes deeper into your soul
Self doubt started creeping in
Hey remember when you made him lose his temper?
Kicking and punching you because you reached out to him in the night?!
Terrified to fall asleep
Bleeding heavily
you should’ve known better
You’ll know next time
Its inevitable
You’ll go back
You know it
he knows it
Twisted around scattered breadcrumbs
Painful underfoot because you believed the lies
Plausible commentary
Repetitive anecdotes
Over and over
Can’t say NO, you told me
Of course it’s tall tales from the old boys brigade
The precision of exacting phrases
Word for word
Equal measures of his pride and arrogance
On view to all, invisible to you
They see a picture perfect pal
You see A deluded nurturer
Turning his charm off and on
Time and again
A Eureka moment
withheld sweet nothings
morphing breeze blocks
Grey, weighted burning

Face turned away from
slaps that were banned
Undisclosed rape fantasies
Real fear the new aphrodisiac
Who knew?
Frozen and muted
Its quicker to live through
Though why do you bother?
Close your eyes
Slip away
It wont hurt anymore
Boundaries absent
Fear based on facts
feet bolted down
as the mind slides away

Longing for release
Panting grunts ebb
As the scene reaches closure
The shocked self revulsion
Guilt coated shame
eyes lock together
The flicker of truth

Time changes All
What was once poison
the long drawn out punishment
Silence is now
The New Calm


@ SwirlingFire 10 August