SwirlingFire: The Season of Forgiveness

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The Season of Forgiveness

How to enjoy your life with Strangers


Hey stranger !
How are ya ?
Cute pet
What’s its name ?
Its early morning beverage time
Its coffee
And Meeeeeeee
Here’s my breasts
Sleep wrinkled
Still perky
Flash me your smile
Its only 6.30

Hey, did I tell you
I think you’re great ?
My friends think opposite
It’s time to switch
Now it’s you that we’re told to hate
We could just scroll past you
Mute or sidestep
There’s no fun with that
So we subtweet & harass
We think we are quite the cool cats

“I deliberately ignore you, asking invasive questions about my timeline photos”
Her bizarre sex toy collection
A primary thirst trap for married C@ck.
Too busy moving from
one man to another,
everyone’s husband,
without wife’s permission
Always makes for the best lovers
Those with vagina are treated as
not worthy
Whilst tinder tits swipes
pretending they’re healthy

That couple is known for abuse
of all kinds
Playground bullies
Their act works every time !
Manipulated by lies
until pennies drop
Ask a few questions
The twisting of tales
Such the poor victims
Intolerant of web spinning games
The cycle continues
It’s always their way
Behave like dementors
Enshrouded characters of clay.

“Hey I’m going to unfollow you
I think you should know”
*Wild allegations by the
delusional at play*

Show me the proof of the tweets you throw in my face
I’ve not said a word
“I think you’re a disgrace;
“I’m not going to do that”
*rules don’t apply here*
“You must do much better”

Your friends are at fault
they said hurtful things,
They were publicly mean
Under cover we all agree,
You must now support them
We’re the ‘Be kind’ allies
Everyone needs
I have to be with them
I don’t care how you feel with
Our make believe

“The world of sex blogging is cruel, hateful and mean”

Fortunately blasted by the sick and twisted
I’m not like you
I’m not one of the team
“you don’t belong,
you’re a toxic wasteland”
Screams the one that neglects errant partners in solo poly
whilst mocking a secret lovers wife
She stole from two others.
Death in her wake
It’s all that they know
Your time is up
Run along
Its time to go

Accusations of gaslighting
Yet entirely missing the point
You’re part of the problem
Whilst attacking poor grammar
Pleading your mental health issues
Negate the actual crap you utter
Other people with Mental deficiencies
your entertaining
Ample free fodder
It won’t involve
World renowned sleuths
Extracting your truth

Thy shall do as I say, NOT as I do,
The scriptures of Twitter
How fabulous
I see you !

And lo, thine eyes cast down upon spoils of war.
And did those souls weigh heavy ?
Burned as oxen ploughing fields laid fallow in a drought of 40 years.

And the crowd did roar as their leader persisted
Are we in awe of false idols?
Did our Lord not say,
“he who casts the first stone” ?

Hear ye hear ye bellowed their leader,
The sea of faces changed from false pride and profit to ashen image,
the crowd rippled and parted,
And lo
There stood the small female child,
the clarion call from the sweetest voice said, in all bewildered innocence

“I saved their scriptures to screenshots”


@Swirlingfire, 28 March 2021

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