About Melody

Who is this melody ?  A complete melange of many influences with a large dose of kink.  She is evolving to stand on her own and be herself.

This blog is the result of many stimuli that culminated in a fantastically surprising offer from BibulousOne who runs the Pain as Pleasure blog.  We’d exchanged the odd word following my comments on various posts.  His offer was to write a guest post for his blog.  He’s had guest posts before, but they’ve been from people he’s been in session with.

In this case he was seeking something very different, the voice of a male submissive in response to his themes of masochism.  And most importantly, how do we still end up in the same place.

The result can be found here MELODY’S STORY, PART 1 – submission.

That was exceedingly nerve wracking to see it go live.  The kind reception has left me with the impetus to try to continue writing in my own space.

This space will no doubt explore the themes articulated in the posts for Pain as Pleasure and will allow me to go in to much greater depth and explore minutiae.

It will certainly explore submission and my evolving feminine ego.

I love language and real words, if you want to annoy me and potentially be ignored, use text speak.

For the avoidance of any doubt, melody identifies as transgendered, whatever that actually means.  See here Gender Fluid Identity and here Suckered by Labels, Again.  There is an obvious question about preferred pronouns.  I am what you perceive me to be and generally I don’t care and don’t get hung up on it unless melody is having one of her turns.  On the other hand, if you do want to be courteous, she/her is always nice.