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About Melody


Who is this melody ?  A complete melange of many influences with a large dose of kink.  She is evolving to stand on her own and be herself.

This blog is the result of many stimuli that culminated in a surprising offer from BibulousOne who runs the Pain as Pleasure blog to write a series of three guest posts.

The result can be found here MELODY’S STORY, PART 1 – submission.

That was exceedingly nerve wracking to see it go live.  The kind reception gave me the impetus to try to continue writing in my own space.

With more than a year gone by the themes of this blog have settled down.  I don’t write fiction and although I write about kink experiences it doesn’t include erotica or sex.  There’s a good reason for that, I am asexual – Asexuality: A Personal Q&A.

I’m also transgendered and some posts explore various aspects of this.

One topic for which I’m now recognised for is hypnosis.  I have a domme with whom exploring D/s with hypnosis is now long standing and very important to me in exploring how deep into submission I can go.  Many posts include discussions of hypnosis and I have a separate tab for posts that describe aspects of my D/s hypnosis journey – Hypnosis Journey.

This blog explores my submission and my evolving feminine ego along with any other theme I find amusing, annoying or interesting.

I love language and real words, if you want to annoy me and potentially be ignored, use text speak.

There is an obvious question about preferred pronouns.  I am what you perceive me to be and generally I don’t care and don’t get hung up on it unless melody is having one of her ‘turns’.  On the other hand, if you do want to be courteous, she/her is always nice.

As of May 2019, melody is now a volunteer helping out with Sex Bloggers for Mental Health.  Please check it out and make use of the #sb4mh hashtag.



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