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I first noticed SwirlingFire as a shout of rage in to the Twitter void.  Easy to ignore as a crank and part of the rage was seemingly powered by people regarding her exactly as that.

What I recognised was words and other things that were similar to what I’d encountered with a few close friends as they went through therapy and struggled to deal with the past.  I also recognised the pool of humour and intelligence behind the anger.

I claim no primacy here, no special insight that meant we found ourselves talking.  As John Lydon sang “Anger is an energy”.  It can be really useful when directed for a positive outcome, I’ve used it myself.

As we talked, two things struck me.  Firstly, for someone so hurt she made a leap of faith to place a lot of trust in me.  I know I would not have been able to do the same.  The second thing was that empathy ran strongly in both directions at many levels.

Inadvertently I’d gained a friend.

To provide a space here so she could lay out her thoughts, say whatever she needed to say was a no-brainer.  I’m really happy to see these posts here and that the reaction to them has been so strong and supportive.


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  1. SwirlingFire

    I’m very grateful you understand the language of #Swirly. It’s not often I find the ability to speak. Thankyou for hosting my words 🌻

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