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A Guide To Melody’s Blog


This blog has one basic theme, it is about me.

Posts could be about my journey, what my emotions are, things that amuse me or things I want to rant about.

Generally it can be assumed that posts will contain adult themes, including BDSM, FemDom, erotic hypnosis, questions of gender and my travels in that space.

I’ve no intention of offending anyone but this is my blog and you have to actively click to come here.  So any offence is in the eye of the beholder, this is not always a safe space.

I am not here to garner hits or likes, this is not a competition.  One of the nice things about recognising my gender fluidity is that I recognise that as melody I don’t need to participate in the testosterone flinging competitiveness I see on a daily basis.

What I am here for is community.  For melody to be recognised in her own right as a writer with her own personality.  I’m not looking for an echo chamber, merely a peer group that judges purely on the quality of the text and the argument.  As I’m already seeing, the tentacles of acceptance in the erotic blogging community spread far and wide and encompass every sin without being personally judgemental.

I have most empathy for those who write about rawest emotions.  Why and how they get there is interesting, what I love to read is the honesty of the experiences.  It’s my recognition of familiarity with the ultimate result that truly piques my interest.

What you’re not going to read here is raw sex.  Explore some of the writings here and you’ll see that sex has had a diminishing importance over some considerable time.  If I write about sex or sexual characteristics it will almost certainly be from a feminine aspect.  I’m more attuned to the emotional aspects than the physical.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate someone’s writing on hard sex, only that I’m not likely to visualise myself in any of the protagonists roles.

Feel free to come along and ask questions or even to suggest topics you’d like to see me write about.  I will draw the line at politics, I could really upset people.

[ETA 1]

I’ve put out quite a few posts in the couple of months this blog has been live.  I am genuinely humbled by the acceptance and encouragement I have had from people whom I would not have normally come in contact with.  Because I don’t really blog about sex I’m reticent to consider myself part of the sex blogging community.  Yet, these are some wonderful people who tend to make their definition very broad and inclusive as opposed to restrictive and exclusive.

I still hold to the principal that this blog is for and about me and I’m not competing for likes and compliments.  But I can’t deny that the interactions with some very nice people who have been supportive and complimentary does wonders for my confidence both as a writer and as melody.

[ETA 2]

Since September 2018 I’ve hosted posts from @SwirlingFire in order to give her a voice in a safe place.  You can find her work here.

[ETA 3]

A question crops up once in a while, “is melody SwirlingFire ?”

You can make a case that I have some form of personality disorder.  I have two personas, melody and “him”.  The last two years have seen them in complex flux as melody emerged, became stronger and is now the primary persona – emulating “him” enough to get by in day to day work environment.

To answer the question, have you read SwirlingFire’s posts and her Twitter feed ?  There’s no way that anybody could make her up.  She’s not a parody or figment of imagination dreamed up in my fevered mind.  She has a unique fevered mind of her own.




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