SwirlingFire: Who Are You

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Who Are You

Baptism by fire
Or funeral pyre The personality evolving
whilst true characters
Remain static

Under the microscope
Staring at slides
Chemical warfare
Petri dish cultures
Where nothing can hide

The ebb and flow from
strangers to best friends
Machiavelli movements
Practices sleight of hand
Secret invite only
Side accounts
What was the purpose
Fake flabby friendships
Not the stuff of sliced bread

Complaining of lives
we know nothing about
Sharing our judgements
Our real selves just slipped out

The sun and the moon
Echo body filled waves
Water the cleansing
Of The spiritual ways
Bound by the teachings of Sunday’s best stories
Loading the fakeness
Crass fake glories

Observing the seasons
Spring flowers blossom
The autumn leaves turn
Rain filled gutters swirl flotsam

Love dies on the vine
Hearts turn to ice
Snow laden footsteps
Crushed beneath boots
Friendships now fodder
For ample untruths

The full blog SwirlingFire: Your vibe attracts your tribe ? inspired this post based on replies & subsequent conversations.

@Swirlingfire, 20 April 2021

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