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Reality versus Fantasy

My reality is not your truth – it does not mean I’m a liar.  My memory recall is poor, not my ability to know the genuine, accurate real “right” from manipulated, twisted, abusive “wrong”.

My memory is too sketchy to tell lies.  I forget stuff but I don’t make it up in the absence of one to one conversation and factual details.  I’ve seen far too regularly that this quirk of mine is not the standard character trait, not the norm.

For many that use social media, they desperately want to belong and must “toe the party line” rather than use common sense to ask questions, doubt the megaphone mouthed or heaven forbid – conduct their own “due diligence”.

What a messed up society we have created.  Liars, enablers and bullies creating false narratives, #FakeNews, and ganging up against individuals without calm exchange.  You would be shocked to know the real character and thoughts behind the thirst trap tweets.

The judgemental that set hidden agendas for unimportant gain – not the genuine, all inclusive, girl next door/Great Guy people they have hoodwinked the masses into believing.  Simply those that use skilfully worded sentences to cover their own personal flaws, hateful behaviour and desperation.

I’ve often been misunderstood for expressing myself poorly – my own worst enemy at times.  Possibly due to my experiences with social media users – predominantly angry, abusive, unhappy people, that don’t understand my blog content Themes based on the darker sides of characters online and real life behaviour – had been taken as a non consensual invitation to verbally abuse me, exclude me and a profligate barrage of twisted narratives from fake friends, mentors and the worst type of person- the silent bystanders that claim “well, they’re great with Me/its your fault because “.

The difference is, I’m not coming from a place of bitter and twisted hate, desperation for clan ship, being liked for pretending to be someone I’m not.  I’m well aware I’ve pushed people’s buttons, on the whole by accident. Their hate filled responses says far more than my clumsy phrasing.  For example, people that run an online business that relies upon Twitter traffic for sales and then tweet hateful Rape Victim shaming comments & online bashing and ganging up with the wild dog pack from their personal account.

Free speech is all very well nowadays. Censorship is a knife edge for potential echo chambers. A mentally healthy timeline is equally important.  With those we don’t agree with, we can still learn why they feel that way.

I certainly wouldn’t support a small business that hides the person behind it.  Big pharma/High street names run the gamut by their directors and we are shown, openly in the news, who they are and we choose to spend our money accordingly.

We have that choice against immoral, fiscally led decisions. 

Home based business’ do not have the luxury to hide who they are.

Burning a candle from both ends to stay afloat is all very well.  Inciting a self fuelled inferno ?  Pretending we are someone that we are not, the opposite self core values to those we try to deceive the masses.  On the whole, these character types can operate under the radar for years.  How someone behaves In times of adversity, when income is biting at our heels, when we are desperate to cash in our integrity to prevent being kicked to the curb ?  The actions say more about who we are than the sugary sweet words that drip like honey from our moist lips.

We are the fuse that will implode our internal dynamite.

Gaslighting is an all consuming fire.  It’s an extension of how we present ourselves to others.

I feel sadness and pity for the once decent folk trapped with mentally unhealthy, undiagnosed and in denial, needing counselling/support in “manipulationships” with lovers and friends.

@Swirlingfire, 25 January 2021

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