SwirlingFire: Slippery Truth

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Slippery Truth

I may not be your cup of tea,
I’m marmite not cheap coffee
Your breakfast choice is yours alone
You’re most welcome to decide,
If it’s your valid desire from fact
You can unfollow me;

If you stay and take your fill
That is your choice
You know you are allowed to leave
You still have your own freewill?

You read my blogs that detail
The life no one would envy
You made me think you were a kind soul
A person of Integrity

When you choose to come and go
Several times within the month,
My timeline is not new to you
Not an unexpected
Unlabelled surprise
My content,
At times, brutal
It’s hardly new to read
It’s not a pleasure park
Positive ride Of youth,
It’s by most people’s thoughts
A lifetime
Most unwanted

My timeline is not peppered
with the frequent luxuries in life
The Professional White Led Lives
Of Affluence perceived
Details thoughtlessly so wanton
whilst others scrimp and save;
You air your decadent lifestyle choices

Without a second thought,
Looking down your nose at me,
Your dismissive tone
From time to time
not supportive words you’d have others believe.

My Timeline is not the same as others
The wankfest
Of vagina pics & porn
I’ve suppressed the Exhibitionist
I once was
Today, I only have my Truth

That attitude today
Filled with finger pointing scorn
Whilst I’m processing
The bile rising from my gut,
my pain that weighs heavy in full view;
You choose to judge me unfairly,
Adding yourself to the list of those
That came before you
Mutual friends think you’re
wishy washy weak,
Now you write so freely
Whilst your head is filled with bubbles
Claiming Sexual Abuse survivors
are Liars
it was our fault
We are to blame
Our voices are unwanted

Whilst Sitting so comfortably
on that fence
That vantage point distressing:
Your place is neither in, quite out
It’s the brain
that’s taken quite a messing

Thankyou for your subtweeting,
In comfort, I read your thoughts;
Not the vehement Ally to All Women
Some at their lowest ebb
your judgemental or accidental blip,
lost my trust
More proof
another Great Pretender



@Swirlingfire, 29 November 2020

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