[F4TFriday] When I Grow Up

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That’s a prompt phrase that either gets a serious polemic or used for a bit of fun.


Ask me at about the youngest age I can remember and I’d have described something like this picture.  I wanted to grow up to be the maiden tied to the tracks.

I’m not sure I cared about some dumb handsome lumberjack coming to rescue me.  I cared about being bound and helpless – oh, and female.

In a way, I’ve not done badly on that one.  I am quite regularly bound and helpless, though I’m not sure I envisaged wallowing in the accompanying pain way back then.  As for the female part, I’m working on that harder than previously.

What did the small boy want to be when he grew up ?  I’ve no recollection of ever having any burning desire.  Sure, if I was asked in the usual fashion by an adult of some description I’d come out with one of the stock answers – though by then the age of steam was over, so train driver was out.

I never got the impression that an adult was ever actually bothered, it was a pretend interest in the child that anyway, was supposed to be seen and not heard.

Of course, the adults genuinely asking that question were family, particularly parents.  It can be a fraught discussion when your real answer is “I don’t know”.  That just signifies that you’re lazy, devoid of ambition, perhaps dim-witted.  For the sake of peace I tended to feed back what they wanted to hear, that is their own plans for my future that they’d never ask if that’s what I wanted.  It put off the inevitable disappointment for a few years.

But what about when you’re officially grown up ?  I think it’s rare for people to actually think of themselves as grown up – it’s always something that will happen in the future, no matter how old you are.

Maybe you’d call it suppression or displacement activity where my whole energy went in to career for several decades.  Thrusting to be part of the dot com bonanza and never quite getting there – what did I want to be when I now grew up ?  I wanted to be selling my company stock for millions and become an incubator for new technologies.  Never quite worked out like that 😡

Life can take some odd twists and turns, it’s presented me with the opportunity to ask anew what I want to be when I grow up.

During hypnosis the domme has made rare forays into providing some elements of what she herself visualises as melody.  Those elements became, to a degree, a mutual vision.  Then, shortly after they were introduced I came across a picture that sums up the mutual vision.  When she saw it, she just replied ‘Wow’ in full agreement.

What does melody want to be when she grows up ?  I give you this:-



Written for the #F4TFriday prompt 103 of When I Grow Up.
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