Ok Melody, Where’s the Sex ?

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Good question.  Melody was encouraged first to write and then to open a blog by a member of the sex blogger community.  Since then I’ve had nothing but support and encouragement from other members of that community that have found their way here.

It kind of makes me feel a bit of a fraud.  I know it’s a very broad and inclusive church, but I don’t write about physical sex.

What I do write about is BDSM.  Often it will be my experiences, sometimes it will be my general thoughts, quirky or serious.  One day I might try my hand at fiction.

Sex, physical sex that is, has never played a major part in my life.  Of course there were all the usual young male fantasies about sex and some encounters.  What I do wonder now, is if what back then was a very hidden melody had some effect regarding the attractiveness of sex as a male ?  The greatest sexual experiences were of the mind.

And this seems to have been a pattern.  My first ventures in to D/s and chastity were essentially one and the same thing.  At first chastity is very much about the physical sex and the denial of it, it tests the body and the mind.  Then, oh so subtly, the D/s takes over as the primary driver.  The self-centred feelings of denial in chastity sublimate in to submission and your mind becomes the playground as you transfer control to another.  The physical sexual desires become sublimated in the mental web, the exquisite eroticism of being fucked in the mind and wanting ever more of it.

When you take my slightly unusual path through chastity and beyond, coupled with the slow realisation there was something inside called melody and her subsequent development, it’s no real surprise that physical sex as ascribed to a male has very little interest for me now, even if I was capable.

Erotic_MindBut the D/s, oh that’s something else.  Now with the added hypnosis and brainwashing it plays on all the dark erotic centres of the mind, the largest and most sensitive erogenous zone there is.  That’s what I write about, the stirring of great erotic and exotic emotions.  Even the play of the cane or the whip is as much sex of the mind as any physical pain and the two can’t be separated.

If you think melody doesn’t write about sex, then you haven’t been listening, or you have a very narrow definition of sex.