How I Became an Aunt

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The traditional route to becoming an aunt is to have siblings who procreate.  There’s a lot of potential annoyance in this.  There’s the growing up with them, for a start.  Then putting up with their choice in partner, the faffing around of 9 months gestation and then finding the result is far from cute in that it looks like a wrinkled old Tricoteuse.

Save time where you can – get cozened into the cuteness trap.

A couple of weeks ago I had a Skype hypnosis session with my domme.  She was house sitting for a fellow domme and the main reason why was made apparent very quickly.


Yup – a very small and lively kitten.

Fine, you say.  How does a hard bitten cynic get enslaved to a kitten, no matter how cute it is ?

Coz the ruddy thing is called Melody !!!  With the dynamics involved, I’ll never be sure of how much of a coincidence this naming is, but I have my suspicions.

Some more that I know were taken that evening :

This is a rapidly growing kitten and the changing pictures are fascinating to observe


What can one do when presented with such cuteness ?

This week I saw my domme and took down some cat treats for her to pass on the next day.  As much as I seem to have become the aunt to this fur ball, she’s the designated godmother.

So the ruddy kitten knows how to turn up the cuteness knob to eleven


Sadly, by this time our very lively and bouncy heroine had been jumping around too much and has damaged her leg enough to require surgery and bones being pinned.

Now that I’ve killed you all with cuteness, I’m sure you’ll be back for news on the recovery and further adventures of my little niece, Melody.

How the hell did I start posting about kittens ????