Bank Holiday Silliness

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Gender dysphoria is often accompanied by body dysmorphia.  For some it’s debilitating.  Fortunately, I only have a light version of it.  I was doing well last year with weight loss until I got seriously ill and ended up putting half of it back on.  I’m finding it depressingly hard to shift.

Looking at myself can set off all sorts of nasty critiques.

This morning I felt in a silly mood regarding what to wear on this last day of the bank holiday.  I had a big surprise that it actually works.  Yes, I’m too big, but with the right cleavage it’s proportional.  It’s good enough for me to leave it here as a reminder.

Yes, I have an image in mind and although this is far from it, I might as well recognise that this kind of works for where I’m at.  And I sometimes do enjoy silliness 💃😊💋