SwirlingFire: Game, Set. Match

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Game, Set. Match

That’s a great Avi
As the drool hits the screen
Another great body
All buffed
Shiny clean
lace, heels, stockings
Can you hear the clasps snap
I’m new
I’m exciting
My bio screams “bait”

The opening gambit
The giggle back
kissy face emojis
Followback chat
The usual style
The change underway
The tentative enquiries
targets and KPI unfold

More compliments
A supportive role
A shoulder
An ear
A place for her tears
The monster unravels
Each one of your fears

Tender talks
that Last
all night through
Don’t get too comfy
It’s for his benefit
Never you

A selfie
A smile
A secret or two
The flex of the charm
A smiley emoji
Just for the chosen few
Step closer
we understand
Tell me your nightmares
Its fright night
Who knew

Cruel to be kind
Its for your own good
You’ll never know
Until you look under
the hood.

The dark that surrounds you
It’s fantasy and myth
It’s the risk of a lifetime
Take a chance
A gamble
another roll of the dice
It’s true what you’ve read
The glorious start
You’re always alone
When you’re part of his crew
it’s not
“Just the one”

Little girl lost
Sending fog horn alerts
Your bio affirmations
Draw him in fast
You’re one of dozens
Never the last
You won’t change the cycle
It’s carved into stone
You’ve dropped off his radar
Run along now
Worthless twerp
You’re not
his little One

Ruthless and cunning
A dog without bark
his games never ending
The song of the lark
Captured your mind
From the dawn’s first light
A sniper
An assassin
Full stealth
straight for your heart

you’re blinded by attention
The lifestyle
The praise
You’re changed
It’s the game
Now disappear
You’re done

And now as you stare
Into space
he won’t care
There are hordes
In the wings
Stage left and right
Follow the threads
Its plain as can be

See how they care
For the man with sad eyes
my life, it’s not fair
The twinkle returns
I’m single
I think of you
Once more
On the cycle
The merry go round
That carousel of fillies
Your collar awaits


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