They’re Using You …

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There is a very good piece on Unherd by Gavin Haynes that’s well worth a read as it holds up a mirror to the mob mentality of identity politics within social media – The Purity Spiral, do go read it.

In my absence from social media I find that I’ve been labelled a bigoted transphobe.  Kind of odd given that I am actually transgendered.  But then I’ve become used to being labeled #WrongKindOfTrans.

‘Hate’ is such an emotive word.  Especially when it’s used as one of the current methods to shutdown debate and impose groupthink.  It works like this:

  • My thinking and views are pure, I’m against hate
  • You disagree with me, therefore you hate me and the views I hold
  • Now I can persecute and bully you within my aura of sanctity and virtuousness

It has worked for so long because the majority of society is middle class and wants to be ‘nice’.  They recoil at the merest implication by someone that they are harbouring hate – we’re all against hate.  It has stopped most debate dead as people pull their heads in, guard what they say and get on with their lives.  Their views don’t change, they just don’t discuss them in public any more because they get pilloried for not being ‘nice’.  Like Samizdat in the old Eastern Europe people discuss and disseminate their “unapproved” views in private.

And of course, once the accusations of hate are made they are a dog whistle to others to pile in, in the generally safe assumption that the object of such accusations is a punch bag to be pummelled into submission and degradation.

The Salem hysteria had nothing on where we are now.  The mere accusation from the most dubious quarter is enough to set the vacuous, unthinking howling mob to destroy other people whilst full of their own self-righteousness.

So many responding to the dog whistle expend a lot of energy virtue signalling love not hate or using the hashtag #BeKind.  Actions speak louder than words and I see your actions.

I am fully aware of the genesis of the current campaign, it was long before the article in question and my association with it by commenting on it.  There’s a child behind this wrapped in the mantle of Violet Elisabeth Bott “I’ll scweam and scweam until I make myself shick” that revels in the power of being “an offended trans” to destroy others.

I am also aware that this child is not the instigator.  There’s an orchestrated campaign led by others that they’ve just re-ignited for their own purposes.  Make no mistake, the agenda is about control.

Not a single person expressing their shock, disappointment and condemnation has come to solicit my views.  I’ve never spoken to a single one of them, ever.  All they want is another notch on the bed post, another person subservient and cowed to the cult and cant.  And then they can move on to destroying the next hate figure they know nothing about.

All of you people on the purity spiral, polishing your egos and virtue, be aware it’s going to come and eat you, too.

Are you enjoying your little pogrom ?  Like all those Herr and Frau Schiklgrubers waking up on 10th November 1938 eagerly surveying the glass in the streets, reveling that so many wrong ‘uns were being killed and rounded up in the name of ideological purity.  Yes, the example of Krystallnacht is a deliberate analogy.  No member of the European branch of my family survived that period of persecution.  Hey, that’s more victim points for me.

I realise that most of you will never confront, or even understand, how easily you are led.  I know that you’re never going to think for yourselves, to question your messiahs and ask why they are shouting “Kill the heretics”.  Until you are capable of doing that you are in their power, and by the way, you’re also expendable in the next stage of the purity spiral.

Identity politics and especially the trans element is about victimhood.  It’s a Top Trumps game, the more victimhood points you can claim, the more right you feel to have to destroy people who view the world differently.

Maybe I should do like Rachael Dolezal and Shawn King and claim to be trans black to raise my victimhood points to untouchable.

Different is not hate, disagreement is not hate.  It’s one of the supreme ironies that so many identifying as non-binary view the world in a very binary way.  Usually that means, if you don’t believe in or support my ideology, you are evil, a fascist, a Nazi.  How brainwashed can you be ?

Where we differ is that I believe diversity also includes diversity of thought and opinion.  That someone who holds different thoughts and opinions is not inherently evil.  For someone to say they believe in diversity and yet seek to impose a one world view is reductio ad absurdum.  It also denies what makes us human.

Being transgendered can be bloody awful at times.  If it wasn’t for the understanding, compassion and even love of friends I’m not sure I’d be here right now.  Many of those types of friends are the people you are eager to label as hate mongers.  Those friends have supported me because of who I am, not what I am.  They have wanted to learn what trans means to me, how they can help.  Most have plucked up the courage to courteously ask what pronouns I prefer.  My answer usually surprises, in that I don’t care.  My pronouns are in the eye of the beholder, they are a function of the image I project of me as a person.  To elevate a pronoun to be my primary characteristic in relation to the world and the people around me seems to be very shallow.  But that’s just me.  If that’s what ‘you’ feel is the most important thing about you, all power to you.

Offence is generally taken not given.  It’s a ploy of the narcissist to turn a debate in to “all about me” by throwing guilt at the unsuspecting.

The purity spiral becomes all about guilt.  Increasingly throwing out guilt at others in order to assuage your own guilt amid the fervid desire to not be the next target.  That’s why, as the spiral spins faster and faster it becomes ever more irrational.

I know this post will not change a single thing for those who just see a target to take down.  For anyone with an open mind I have hope it gives you pause to think.

I reject victim culture.  Being turned into a victim removes personal agency.  It posits some powerful other as being your saviour.  And boy, there are a lot of people out there with a saviour complex towards those they deem to be lesser in some way.  Apparently these saviours can offer redemption.  But redemption is between you and your God – so who or what is your God ?  Now that’s an interesting question for you to ponder.

I’m taking the unique step of disabling comments on this post.