Time Rendered Meaningless

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The last brainwashing session completely destroyed my sense of time.  It was no accident, she designed it that way and although outcomes with hypnosis are far from being guaranteed, her design succeeded quite spectacularly.

We all understand time in personal ways and just when we think we know what we’re describing, we find we don’t really understand it at all.

The physical and meta-physical worlds can treat the same segment of time completely differently.  I’ve explored time in both spaces.  For work, I used to explore precision timing of events and creating synchronised networks of machines to within single digit nano-seconds.


Unusually for numbers that are very large or small, it’s possible to actually relate to a nano-second as shown in this grainy but wonderful video of Grace Hopper – bit of a side track, but I hate to miss an opportunity to show this.

But what about our own personal perceptions of time ?

In terms of physics, the processing of events we constantly experience should all take an identical amount of time to travel the neural pathways.  So why do we feel time speeding and slowing when we process events ?

It’s somewhere deep in what it means to be a conscious being and the constant flux of the thresholds of consciousness.

TimeSense-01Time perception is something I’ve thought on for years.  Laying there under the headphones knowing that my conscious has lost all time sense as the loop increasingly pounds concepts of submission and obedience in to the sub-conscious presents another angle for the conscious to play with in it’s timeless limbo.

A day down to the dungeon for brainwashing or CP is rife with distorted time.  The long drive down the motorway plays with compressing and extending time.  Parking up at the nearby service area first drags time and then speeds it up as the appointed hour approaches and I need to complete the last few miles.

Whatever the activity in the dungeon, it’s designed to either heighten or confuse the senses.  Impact play especially, is now capable of driving me in to a state of trance where time means very little.  The incessant rhythm of the cane or whips sends me deeper and deeper.  The ever so slowly increasing average force of the blows not enough to pull me back from trance, my consciousness threshold receding until only the heaviest strokes make their painful impression as time disappears.

Within the last session my only hook to latch on to any time sense whilst being tranced with the cane was in realising that the CD on the sound system had looped back to the beginning.

Returning to ‘normal’ time can be a slow process when floating in a thick soup of endorphins.  Yes, the build up of endorphins certainly plays with the consciousness thresholds, and hence the time perceptions within a session.

HypnoHypnosis is a wonderful way to play with personal time.  I now have quite strong session amnesia and although that messes to a degree with time perception I do have a sense of time flow that says I know something went on during that gap and that it may be recalled in the future.  However, she once managed to achieve an amazing effect.  She excised all memory of time under hypnosis.  Not just that I didn’t recall the content, but the time from the induction to the count up didn’t exist.

Playing with time in hypnosis and submission has been an enlightening experience in the last few years, sometimes gentle, sometimes a mindfuck of gargantuan proportions.

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