Excuse me ?!?!

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Time for a minor rant.

One of my more unusual posts was about a sploshing session done a couple of months ago.  My domme had a picture from that session up on FetLife.  The cause of my irritation is that today a new comment appeared under the picture.

He commented “You look so cute.Perfect punishment for sissies.

Excuse me ?!?!

There’s nothing about the picture and previous comments to suggest punishment.  And btw, my face, dress and physique are completely obscured – how on earth can you suggest cuteness ?


I really hate it when subs project their own fantasies on to someone else.  I’ve never understood why someone has a wank over another person doing the things they’re too scared to try for themselves.

I call it the Munchhausen Sub Syndrome – proxy pleasure from telling a domme how to punish their sub and make them suffer, with no intention of ever participating themselves.

If he really wants to project and have a wank, the FetLife picture provides a link to the full length video for him to show appreciation with real money – but I just know he wants all his kink for free.

Out of one picture he’s dreamt a whole tangled fantasy of who I am, who the domme is and that what makes us tick is exactly what gets him hard.

It’s odd how irritated I felt.  It brings in to perspective what those who have to put up with it daily have to deal with.

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** More sploshing coming soon