Give Me All Your Money

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Financial domination has to be one of the more contentious aspects of D/s.  On coming across this kink the initial reaction is often one of horror and repugnance.

There was a Twitter thread on Sunday started by @_Masterseye about some of the uglier FinDom terminology turning up in her timeline via RT’s.  It seems I set myself up to produce a post on the topic of FinDom.  It’s a topic I’ve avoided writing on up to now because as @HannahLockhardt noted it’s pretty damned complicated.

The resulting post is really long and has no sexy pictures.  You have to get almost to the end before there’s even a pun on song titles.  Yet the feedback has been exceptional.  With Hannah’s encouragement this is my first foray in to Wicked Wednesday because the post fits the #Educate prompt.

Thoughts on Financial Domination can be found here.

If anyone wants to tackle the question I’m too cowardly to address of the usually hostile female reaction to FinDom, I’d be fascinated.

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