Melody: A Compulsive Shoe Shopper

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Heels, they’ve been a fetish since I was very young.   These things grab us, stick in the mind until one day they surface with the desire to explore that fetish.

Men roll their eyes and make snarky comments as they fail to understand why their wife or girlfriend just has to go shopping for shoes yet again.  I understand it very well, I’ve needed to shop for that next pair of heels for 30 years.  And the desire never gets any less.  You might say that realising this was the first clue in melody knowing that there really was a feminine persona inside.

Who knows were such things start, I have a memory of being very small an in the room where my parents were holding a party.  Being close to the ground there was something about seeing all the women in the room in various heels.

I can still recall the disappointment in my pre-teens when my rapidly growing feet could no longer fit into my mothers heels that she kept at the back of the wardrobe.  From then on it was many years of wistful regret that I endured whenever the fetish thoughts of heels arose.

The early 1990’s became my opportunity to feed that fetish and it was difficult.  Finding niche outlets that did male size women’s heels meant looking in the ads at the back of fetish magazines.  Embarrassingly acquired from the nearest seedy sexshop.  The prices were horrendous.  I think my first pair cost close to £100 !!  Mind you, the quality was wonderful, full leather and sturdy.  I still have them and they don’t look old or worn.

Shopping and selection became easier as the web started to grow.  Initially still expensive and then cheaper as more sites competed and then the Chinese started mass producing.  If you want quality you can still find it, but most web shops now offer the same designs from the same producers.

For a while I got really hooked on eBay for some nice bargains.  I knew it was a bit excessive when I realised I had over 300 pairs.  You wouldn’t believe that most of those shoes were unique, just how many colours, styles, heel heights there can be is staggering.

It was with a slightly heavy heart that when I last moved I made the decision to have a massive clear out of all junk, including many heels.  Some 150 pairs went.  I can almost hear some women wailing at that thought.  Console yourselves with the fact that they would have been too big for you.

It was shortly after I’d moved that I had my first CP session with my domme.  Her simple dressing instructions said black heels.  I knew I had plenty of those, I just didn’t know where.  After a lot of searching I finally found a pair that were suitable.

As Sod’s law has it, a few days later I opened a box and there were loads of black heels


And in the next box, just as many again.

I haven’t given up buying heels, far from it because I wear them pretty constantly now when at home.  I’m just a bit more discriminating since I really don’t want to have to throw much away if I move again.


Heels were the first fetish.  Is it still a fetish when wearing 4″ heels as part of full female dress is my normality ?  I don’t know, though I do know that the feminine drives of melody are not going to willingly let go of any of her favourite heels.