More Sploshing for melody

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Earlier in the year I documented a moment for a number of firsts.  I was persuaded to partake of a sploshing session and it was the first time being filmed.  That adventure was detailed here In Which Melody Exposes Herself.

Several months ago I had my arm lightly twisted to do it all again.  I don’t need to describe the mechanics or the motivations as they are explained in that original sploshing post.

This post gets straight down to what you want to see – the pictures.

At the beginning, melody looks pristine and demure.  I’m not worried about being recognised here because I couldn’t recognise her myself to start with.


From this moment on I was unable to see a thing, so first run through of the video was as much a surprise to me as everyone else.


Now for various messy ingredients, I think this was double cream.


Tomato and red pepper soup.  I do recall a stinging couple of minutes as the first carton of this got in to the eyes.  Later, despite an extensive shower, the taste of tomato and pepper soup was on my lips for most of the drive home.


I believe this was semolina.


Now custard down the panties and tights.


Second helpings of rice pudding.


Now for the foam – one can of foam covers about this much.


The artist at work with the second can of foam – definite pattern emerging


Three cans of foam to completely cover one half.


One of the cardinal rules is not to try to clear mess from the face.  As she starts on the fourth can to cover the other half, the head and face get first treatment.  Foam is not as insubstantial as it looks.  It covered the mouth and was too viscous and heavy to be blown away.  No option here but to wipe a clear airway, you can’t see me turning blue underneath.  Despite that cardinal rule, it turns out well on the video.


That’s six cans of foam for complete in depth coverage.


Bit of a clue what’s coming next – 40 litres of gunge.


First shots …



The gunge starts to wipe out the foam.



She doesn’t do these things by half measures, does she ?


When the gunge level in the bucket is too low to fill the blaster gun, there’s only one thing left to do – throw the bucket.


This dress is not going to survive.  If I look pained, it’s not down to the scissors on the dress, it’s the various substances in the eyes.


Dress now properly ruined and the panties and petticoats don’t look to be in much better shape.



I had a fabulous time doing this session.  It’s so OTT.

I do expect to be back again, though not until at least spring when the ingredients aren’t too cold.

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