SwirlingFire: Betrayal

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A weird feeling in the pit of my stomach

It’s not anxiety

It’s different

It feels like it’s attached

Deep inside my core.

I thought at first I needed more water to drink,

The trembling of dehydration in soaring temperatures

That moment before

The room goes silent

You feel as though you’re about to vomit

A hot and cold sweat descends

Your stomach grips your throat

You melt onto the floor

Barely aware

Barely a care

Is this how it feels when Death strikes?

A gradual ebbing away

First sight, then sound

Conscious of surrounding aromatic mixtures

Losing muscle control

Hardly a care in the world

Falling like a pebble.



The stillness of nothingness.

Realising you’re not dead, all you see are the feet

Several pairs of feet

Wondering why people don’t care for their footwear

Dirty, scuffed and neglected.

The cool tile against your face feels heavenly

Regaining sense of reality

Realising that you’re still alive.

Faced flushed with returning blood

The heart was pumping away so fast seconds ago

It needed life’s juice to protect itself and the brain.

You hear voices

So many miles away

Still no recollection of how you ended up like this

The voices are strange, you know the words but they’re not registering

Someone calling your name

You don’t know the voice

You don’t know the name

Someone holds your hand

It’s been such a long time since you felt genuine non agenda touch

It’s that simple gesture that pulls you back to the world of the living

A kindness of strangers

Help in distress.

Someone in a uniform scoops you up in their arms

You begin to feel boiling tears start to fall

The voice becomes louder

The words become clearer.

“You’re safe. Do you know where you are? Do you know your name?”

You try to speak but words won’t sound out aloud.

Your head spins as you try to sit up

Shaking, embarrassed, weary and sad.

You’re not dead

You’re drained of living

A familiar feeling of a water bottle is placed in your hand and lifted to your lips.

“You’re safe. It’s going to be okay” says the uniformed stranger, “Don’t give up, your brain needed to give you a wake up call. It’s time to start over”

The recall of memory

What was once hidden

Was not


The Betrayal

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@Swirlingfire, 2 July 2019

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