The Obscure Venn Diagram of Norman Collier & Hypnosis.

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Who can remember hiding under the bed sheets trying to tune in a transistor radio ?  For some it would have been Radio Luxembourg, for me more likely to be a football commentary from across the continent.  Keeping a medium wave station in sync was an art form.

Forty-five years later I sometimes think that we haven’t really progressed, despite going digital.  On that old radio the signal could fade to barely audible and yet being analogue it was almost always discernible for some high value of interference.

Digital – ah !  A large part of my career has been in digital, so I might place some of the blame on myself.

This, and rather weirdly, the memory of Norman Collier came to mind in the middle of an online hypnosis session with a dodgy connection causing audio drop out.

Norman Collier ?  You ask, he made a successful club and TV career out of this act:-

It was hilarious to your parents, perhaps even grandparents – don’t ask, they were simpler times.

But where does this leave an hypnosis session ?  Doesn’t it render it pointless due to distractions ?  How do you extract signal amidst the noise ?

I can think that in many hypnosis situations, especially the erotic ones that it would render it pointless.  It tickles me to think of the effect on a hypnotic arousal and guided orgasm session, the effect would be a killer of passions.

As usual, I seem to have an odd view of the phenomena.

I think we’re all familiar with a degree of audio dropout.  The human senses are amazing at inferring correct information from minimal sources and as such with low-level dropout we barely even notice it – computers, AI and fancy hardware don’t even get close.  Many of my online hypnosis sessions can be considered in this light, the audio corruption is part and parcel up to a certain point.

Personally I find that a degree of dropout can be surprisingly beneficial, especially during the induction.  The breaks in sound mean that the focus on her voice has to be more intense in order to reconstruct the whole word.  That focus is exactly where it needs to be to bring me in to trance.  So long as it’s relatively uniform a dropout of up to 30% or more can enhance the effect due to the concentration required to reform the words.

And what about when a significant number of words are lost ?  When so much signal is lost to the noise.

Very oddly, provided I have reached a degree of trance, this does not actually detract from the journey.  This journey is several years in the making, each single session is part of the mood music of the whole.

The comfort and familiarity of being in her trance far outweighs everything else.  The most that can be said is that the loss of words and context becomes an irritant within the hypnosis.  An irritant that stops the descent in to the deepest trance but seemingly doesn’t really matter because it’s just part of the ride, it has it’s own inherent carrier signal.  That basic component of submission doesn’t need the words to be heard clearly, it exists in the tranquillity.  More complex ideas and suggestions can be revisited another time, nothing is lost or wasted.

Just a ride !!  And that reminds me of a very important message that’s totally in sync with how I tend to feel processing a hypnosis session.