Taking A Stroll

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Yesterday was a lovely pre-spring day, so I went for a stroll and did something I’ve been meaning to do since I moved here 3 1/2 years ago.  I went to have a look at the monthly Artisan’s Market set up along the high street.  There wasn’t really all that much of interest, though I did get given a taster of a sticky toffee pudding.  It was a lovely 2 mile stroll to the top of the market and back home.

The curious thing about this non-event is not that I finally got off my arse to go have a look, it’s that I went out there in melody mode.  It wasn’t even a debatable decision, she wanted to see the market and she went there in her own way without any real conscious thought of what she presented to other people.

It’s not a glamorous look and to be honest it doesn’t scream feminine, but melody has become comfortable being in public this way without a second thought.