SwirlingFire: Blame, Shame – Defame

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Blame, Shame – Defame


Hours pass by like a decomposing carcass.
Entrails ooze as the stench of death hangs over us.
Heat seeking destroyers of those still breathing.
Carrion Crows in a city that continues to collapse,
Whilst incoming circling vultures pick over the remaining pulsating parts.

Overweight bluebottles,
all spittle and froth deposit their eggs into oversized cankerous sores.
Soon the hungry army of pearlescent segmented bodies find succour.
Wriggling and ravenous,
Tearing flesh from their host.
Their new life seeping into sticky pools of adipocere.
Waxy, stringy globules of life sliding away,
Slippage of fleshy folds enveloping and encouraging.
Slowly, the unbeaten calciferous lengths,
Dissociated and crumbling,
Dissolving below ground.

Bowels emptying to the sounds of disharmonious trumpets.
Organs past their prime and value now lost forever.
Exchanging another’s death sentence for an extension.
Another sour bite of maggot infested cherries.
Resurrecting new life from discarded parts.

“Sold!!” – the commanding voice Ricochets around stagnant minds.

The highest bidder wins the prize.
A Monopoly of Chance
Not so much “the Community” chest.
A selfish, self appointed role of a belligerent stubborn fool,
Scrabbling, gathering up all the lost souls.
A new currency for a new way of traction into rebirth.

On the slow train across continents –
A ticket to ride in the ghost carriages of shattered futures and extinguished dreams.
Set alight in foreign lands,
Smoke stacks belching tonnes of Ash.
Infecting those that remain,
Suffocating the pure of heart by proxy,
Simply by “ following orders”.

There is no shame in Death,
The innocent Ending that was not planned
The blame lays beneath hands
that Choose
to kneel on our chest
Press out the last few breaths
The dead weight of uninterested
uncollected consciousness
We will defame the names of those attempting to bury us
Force our silences against us
Those braggarts of popularity and divided justice

We must rise up against those that prey on mortal flesh.
The fetid mutating Zombies that enrapture us with floral scented praise and gifts.
They are the creeping necrotising virus’ of a civilisation losing its moral compass.
Bastardising acceptable societal norms, encoding rage and hate in lost blind followers.
Latching upon those seeking 22nd century faith healers and remedies.

Never finding healing with hands that grab, steal and profit upon the lost souls of kindness


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