SwirlingFire: Nightmares and Dreams

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Nightmares and Dreams

 #Deadbook memories post, my photo 31 Aug 2012

Ahhh the innocent days of making a wish on the Blue Moon, so many years ago, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Taking an enormous gamble.
The risk of a lifetime.
Facts, truth and information unknown.
A seductive mystery
A distinguished mastery
A deception
Moon madness
That one wish that broke me

My dreams became a waking nightmare
Fast forward 7 years
Whilst trying daily to scrape up a positive outlook,
I’ve discovered new found talents
Two university courses
A writing course
A daily writing challenge
Therapy to rebalance thoughts from Rape, d/s abuse, violent mentors in real life and Twitter.

People that pretended to be friends.
To be a safe haven/safe option.
A place to recover and learn.

I gave others the benefit of the doubt, ignoring Red flags and gut feelings, to my cost.  Yet again.

So many mentally disturbed individuals, in need of therapy, not just those of us that acknowledge we have self improvement requirements.  So many deluded, selfish people with an arrogant self-centered outlook on life.

A delusional mind state – the most dangerous of all psychosis?

There are very few seemingly altruistic good deeds.
Somebody usually wants something in return. A favour, perhaps called in at a later date.
Be kind we say.  What we may actually mean is be kind … ‘to me’ ….
If there weren’t so many vile creatures, taking advantage of my kind heart, despite everything, that circle the drain of life, disguised as humans, I wouldn’t be writing again.

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