Melody The Size Queen

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Well, that title got your attention !!!

This is a slightly unusual post.  It’s all too easy to ignore or play down personal achievements.  For once, melody just wants to be bold in celebrating a personal achievement.

I’ve been dressing for over 20 years and had always assumed that I was stuck being a large male.  For a dress or top I wore a size 26 and for a skirt could get away with size 22.  Male physiology causes havoc with outfits and trying to get things that look appropriate – and at that size, not looking like a tent.

Probably to compensate I gravitated to some very nice, but silly dresses.  The only way to feel feminine was to over compensate and become a caricature of female because I surely would never look feminine.

I really have to thank my domme and her hypnosis.  Although she never made specific suggestions about weight loss what she did do was encourage me to self-visualise as female.  Again, she never suggested what that self visualisation should be.  What I saw in the mind’s eye was way out of kilter with reality and over time my sub-conscious made the links and connections and of its own accord triggered a conscious weight loss.

At the time of writing I can now wear dresses and tops of size 18 and skirts of size 12.


That’s normal clothes, stuff you can buy off the peg or from a website without going in to the minimal selection section for plus size.

There’s still a long way to go, I at least want to be down to size 16 dress size – and the very feminine thought that if I can do size 16, why can’t I do size 14 ?

The other side effect is that melody no longer needs the silly dresses, she can almost carry off classic and casual feminine styles and boy does that feel good for the ego when the self-virtualised image and reality start converging.