A Personal Journey Through D/s Hypnosis – Part 10, You Do It To Yourself

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Hypnosis – You do it to yourself.


The sub-conscious acts on the suggestions it wants to, those compatible with its desires and fantasies.  The hypnotist can’t make you want incompatible things, but they can manipulate the intensity of your desire to facilitate their suggestions for things you knowingly and unknowingly want, lowering barriers to adoption and implementation.

The state of trance itself is also something you do to yourself.  The more you do it, the better you become at zoning out everything but the hypnotist.  The induction process is simply a guided encouragement to relax enough to reach a trance state.  I can now usually reach trance within a few seconds of hearing her start an induction.  She doesn’t ‘put’ me into trance, she’s helped me to learn how to go there easily of my own accord – I do it to myself.

My familiarity with and trust in my hypno-domme does mean that there’s a blurring between what I consciously know I want and what the sub-conscious will accept as a suggestion from her.  I am deeply submissive to her, meaning that her suggestions have a lot more weight than when we first started.

But even that desire to please and be obedient to her commands does not override the basic fact that to implement them they have to be compatible with my inner core in order for the sub-conscious (and sometimes the conscious) to make them work.  Mostly her suggestions promote ideas and concepts rather than explicit actions.  Concepts around submission and service, the promotion of self-confidence, the desire to realise who I want to be.  There is no right or wrong in how I interpret or action these ideas and concepts – I do it to myself.

The session amnesia is an interesting feature.  It means that in later processing a session, the conscious mind plays little part.  I can’t lay there thinking … “She suggested xxxx, so I’ll play along to pretend.”  No, it’s far more subtle than that.  The sub-conscious works stealthily in the background interpreting what it’s heard, until one day the conscious mind picks up on some new thoughts or behaviours and goes … “oh !!  I’ve done that to myself”

Sometimes the interpretation is weird.  Because I’m not ‘playing long’ the way the sub-conscious interprets and implements something can be quite different to the effect she intended.  Occasionally the sub-conscious may not be all that subtle, either and I’m sure it has its own sense of humour distinct from the rest of me.

I awoke the morning after a hypnosis session and as I proceeded to go through the routine and drag myself to work I found a fogginess, a lethargy that could only mean one thing – the sub-conscious had put me back in trance.

I kind of understood why, but there wasn’t a lot I could consciously do about it.

That hypnosis session had concentrated on really deepening my trance state in preparation for a brainwashing session two days later.  My clever bugger of a sub-conscious decided that the intervening day didn’t matter and that it could stay in trance.


There’s no doubt that she counted me out of hypnosis as normal.  Which means I did this entirely to myself.  My personal interpretation anticipated a day ahead and decided to get with it early.

So long as you’re aware that you are in residual trance there’s nothing inherently wrong with it.  There can be some difficulty in concentrating.  It’s an interesting fuzzy sensation, like strong painkillers slowing and numbing the mind.

And all through this I’m having a wry chuckle, I know I’ve well and truly done this to myself.  I can’t blame anyone else.


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