An Apology To (some) Doms

Reading Time: 2 minutes

My knowledge and experience of male doms is limited and coloured from the past.

Pre-Internet most towns had a small BDSM clique run by some seedy bloke who more often than not treated the other members as his personal disciples in his own unique cult based on his reading of John Norman’s Gor series.

In the 90’s I found some chat rooms where I could talk to like minded people.  It’s where I learned to loathe the clueless “do me” subs and first encountered what you might call the “do you” doms.  What struck me about both was the lack of maturity and the related common male trait of a deficit of empathy.  Admittedly my experiences were largely confined to online and the unwelcome DMs that assumed because you were a sub you were desperate to suck random cock or be beaten black and blue.

Both types could be dangerous if they met someone in real life, but especially the doms.  Someone trusting in them could get serious damaged, mentally and physically.

My opinion back then was that the majority of males are simply too immature to be a dom.  The care and sensitivity it requires being far beyond most of them.  I held room in my opinions that there were some capable of harbouring the right emotional sensitivity just that I never encountered them.

My opinions haven’t really changed, however, my timeline now includes a few doms with interesting and insightful things to say that show they are amongst the few to have matured and earned the moniker of a dom.

To those few I apologise if I sometimes find it hard to separate you from the clamouring rabble.  But you have to admit you have a lot to overcome in order to be seen for what you really are 😉

No doubt my timeline will continue to expand as I come across more erudite doms.  Just don’t come back to me telling me I’m desperate to suck your dick, eh !!  😀