SwirlingFire: Sadists and Sirens

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Sadists and Sirens

Hold onto your Anger.
Hold onto that anger when your thoughts drift to (that name) and you start to feel low;
Hold on to that Anger and fight.
Fight Dirty
Recall the belittling tone and timbre?
Remember the way you were told stop being silly?
You see things that aren’t there don’t you!
Perhaps the problem really is You?
Hold on tight,
Hold on to the sanity you still recognise.
Hold on to the sweet nothings
that stopped,
The dozens of times you reread the messages, selected words, carefully chosen,
“blue ticks” and ‘seen’
consumed and tossed into
Another Barren wasteland.

Hold on to the bile that caused you to retch
The acid, so strong, it burnt your throat,
That pain woke You
Hold onto those Sleepless Nights your “Ridiculous overthinking”,
How did it turn so sour ?
Reach Back For The Signs
They were always there,
You knew that then,
You second guessed yourself
That’s how we know
You never did that before?
Did You?
(they) pitched full claim of Your Brain
You funny Little Girl.

Your kindness, fairness and empathy,
A bright beacon
Too Shiny for this Game
Pulling Shipwrecks
All Those Empty Husks
The Soul less Lifeforms
The Pseudo Humans
The Sadists and Sirens
They pull you down to their
Murky Miserable Depths
They Resent your Love and Light,
The Essence that demonstrates your
calming and caring

They lasso you with your mirror image
Whilst they cloak theirs under seashells, flora and fauna.

The new strands of seaweed, gently drifting
Almost invisible beneath turning tides
You couldn’t feel those arms clinging to you?
Anchoring their own wreckage to the next favourable rescue vessel

You, You are such a natural.

Sea salt in your hair and eyes
Ocean mists creeping inside your head
Squeezing your agency until
your mind belongs to them.

The flotsam and jetsam of their lives
Waiting for New Hope
The discarded skeletons of their
Previous Existences
Gassed and weighted down,
fathoms deep.

Where sea monsters and the shoals of unnamed and armed species
Will never evolve, learn or grow
Where clinging to amoeba, snails
and under rocks
For Shelter
To Breathe

Life cannot thrive in Dark Silence
Death is not always
The End
It can be the rebirth
for many.

What the ocean takes
The undercurrents will return
Ploughing through fathomless trenches.

The secrets will rise from the depths
Davy Jones keeps meticulous Accounts
His treasures
Jewels so inviting
Pretty prisms
So rare
After millennia of concealment beneath sand
When exposed to the sunlight
All that remains is cheap, damaged glass

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