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I wasn’t going to make an end of year “list of Top Anythings”

However, I have received acknowledgments this year:

An immense shock, tears and self reflection. It was a strong punch to my reality. Although not a “mechanics of sex” BDSM, kink and d/s blog – it is exactly about my experience of all these topics that creates the spine of my writing. 

To not understand this basic premise, my blog is a sex blog, is to not be aware of the very dark sides of sexual behaviour, kinks and covert proclivities of your active peer groups.

To be screamed at in a vile purge – I’m not a sex blogger, Insulting and abusing me, by those that once accepted and agreed to guide/mentor me in 2017, that I don’t belong – seeing my blog (Swirlingfire kindly hosted by @sissymaidmelody) on the list was a huge public moment for me by receiving nominations/votes from my peers. 

For that, I’m Truly humbled. Thank you

  • Kilted Wookie Naughty List (a great surprise as I’ve not posted anything remotely masturbation inducing) yet I know the real reason.  Thank You 💋
  • Food For Thought Chef List – again, another great surprise. It was an unexpected pleasant moment to be “heard” by May. Thank you 🌻

I still think the mentions are for Melody and not my little tab of work on Her blog site. Many names were listed that I genuinely admire and respect. [Editor’s Note: Pah, Swirly has coming up to 80 posts on her “little tab of work”.  Recognition is fully deserved.]

My reading habits and following blogs is irregular, for many reasons, none of which are the writers responsibility.  Yet I do leave an ♡ or comment, where possible, in support when I read your pieces.


If we follow each other and regularly communicate – You’re on my #SwirlyApprovedList.

If you have taken the time to plough through any of my blogs / #365Words – You’re on my #SwirlyApprovedList.

If you have commented, retweeted or heart banged after reading my blog – You’re on my #SwirlyApprovedList.

If you’ve ever befriended me and then turned my private DM against me.  You taught me to once again, listen and trust my gut – You’re on the #SwirlyApprovedList.

If we met at any time in the last 5 years & your behaviour towards me changed in a heartbeat by removing your friendship – You’re part of the #SwirlyApprovedList – You taught me, once again, to not believe, in some cases, as a pure friendship at face value, without strings attached. 

If we regularly talk, laugh, tease and show tough love to each other in the privacy of DM – You’re at the top of the #SwirlyApprovedList (MS,KA,ME)💋

This year has been particularly difficult :-

  • More Therapy;
  • More returning memories;
  • Loneliness; 
  • More acceptance of abuse, that I was always led to believe, was my fault;

This review could ramble on.

I’ve shared far too much, so much more I hesitate to process, in writing.

Each and every one of you that has either been Kind,Caring, Welcoming and supportive – I thank you, unreservedly.  You’re all very much part of the #SwirlyApprovedList 🌻

For those of you that have and still occasionally continue to be unpleasant to others – I already knew your pain, long before it was tangible to your own conscience. 

It was not my place to step into some of your approaching train wreck collision, interfering with outcomes.  To you especially, you belong on the list.  I know you better because, as much as you will hate it, we are quite alike.  Although you don’t realise or understand exactly why.

I forgive you. 

Go heal yourself.

With the kindest of thoughts to each and every one of you that have been on my Twitter timeline, as we hurtle towards a new decade of perhaps compassion, understanding and acceptance – thank you for indulging my silliness of humour as I attempt to break free from painful memories, for a while.

Swirly 🌻

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