SwirlingFire: The Core

By | August 28, 2019
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The Core

One step forward
Feeling brave
Finding A voice
They think she’s a fool
The knave

raising defences
boundaries to make
People around her

Eye rolls
The mocking
Waiting for signs
Told you
She’ll turn
Static and flywheel
No middle gears

No one around
The heart breaking
So quiet
Barely a sound

Awkward with phrasing
Confused Twirling thoughts
Conflicting actions
No warnings
No talk

Silent treatment descends
That familiar thick cloaking
the new path

Searching for clues
In the words that were left

Searching for signs
The reason
The rhyme
No forewarning
Fait accompli
The audience is waiting
Only one casualty

Compassion and care
Fly without thought
Applied in writing
Real feelings are caught

Answers for questions
Avoided and quashed
It’s not about her
Now Squashed

Close confidantes
The truths are revealed
Feeling foolish
She shares
In an uncertain world

Memories descend
Of men without care
used and controlled
New thinking
then vanishing
to entrap was the prize

The outside persona
Never matches the soul
Self preservation
Our only life’s goal

Silence descends
The unwanted familiar guest
The thoughts keep twirling
Destroying in seconds
Those thoughts
Now put to rest

How sharp the steel
That pierces the heart
Trust and compassion
Loyalty a twisted dart
It doesn’t involve her
Shes last resort
No one cared

Hurt them with truth
Forewarned and forearmed
Time needed to process
The real truth
the facts
Not deliberate
No harm

Shock from messages
Too late to talk
The choice was a given
The real reason unknown
It’s nothing personal
The timing was poor

Learning to trust
The most difficult of all
Experience had proven
Every time
She falls foul

Standards too high
Non workable
People don’t care
Empathy like a magnet
Draws the wounded and sad
A bright flaming beacon
They all hurt and search
For an ear
They’re not bad
Towards her they lurch

Trying hard
To be happy and good
Tentative footsteps
Maybe this time
she should?

Rarely feeling anger
Leaving life as she entered
Searching for contact
Naked Cold shivers
Shock from the impact


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8 thoughts on “SwirlingFire: The Core

  1. jupitergrant

    Oh, Swirly. I am just blown away by this. I’ve read it four times already, and I’ve bookmarked it so I can come back and read it some more. It’s just exquisite, really profoundly exquisite. There’s so much feeling and expression, and the phrasing is so effective. I love, love, love this; you have moved me. Thank you so very much for sharing this. 💓💓💓

    1. swirling🔥fire

      I read your response earlier today and it made me cry.

      I think it’s the most powerful and raw feedback I’ve ever received.
      My tired soul thanks you
      Swirly 🌻

      1. francescademont

        Your writing is like a symphony. I can read it in two minutes and enjoy every word, or I can try and understand it and it will take forever. Understanding it, says as much about the reader, as it does about the writer. And that is a task that will never end. Thank you

        1. swirling🔥fire

          Thankyou so much
          I really do appreciate the time people choose to give my words and then comments too.

          I have screen shot yours and JG comments to read when I need to feel positive.

          Best wishes to you
          Swirly 🌻

      2. jupitergrant

        Aww, happy tears I hope. Your words really moved me, and I just had to wax lyrical about them. Much love, J x


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