Taking your kink to work

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It’s the little things that can thrill or amuse.  There are the things that you might try in order to experience the thrill of potential discovery.  And there are the things that can be seen and assumed to be normal.

As a long time crossdresser and wearer of chastity devices the worry about being discovered faded very long ago.  I do remember those days when I had the common self-conscious fears that somehow it must be obvious to all around that I was flaunting my deviance.  Sure that someone would point at the imagined bulge in the trousers and proclaim to one and all that I was wearing a chastity device.  Or, that it must be obvious in my demeanor that I was wearing stockings or tights under those trousers.

That self-conscious fear of discovery fades quite quickly once you realise that no one notices and no one cares.  Of course, I never set myself up for discovery, nothing like wearing a bra under a thin shirt.

The vanilla side pays for the kink side and it’s not worth taking excessive risk.

Flare Audio Isolate Eae plugs

I recently made the nice discovery that some kink items can be part of the vanilla life because they have innocent looking uses.  We recently crammed 30+ people in to about 1/4 of the space we used to have.  It’s noisy and very distracting.  Cue time for ear plugs.  Not the simple little things you get for free on a plane.  These are industrial strength plugs I use in sensory deprivation.

It’s very calming to the soul, both in the actual silence and the way that silence reminds me of the times they are used for kink.

Now it’s set me wondering what else I can find to #TakeYourKinkToWork