SwirlingFire: Canary In A Coalmine

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Canary In A Coalmine

“I will die without you”,
he wailed,
as the snot bubbles muffled his tears
well rehearsed anguish.

Daily use of
five fingered ferns
could not subdue
his rage,
it masked that he had, unsurprisingly
his anti-psychosis

“ I won’t survive without you”,
he snivelled.
to kill himself,
every time
she voiced
concerns of
his Mental Health

strong when involved with

silent treatment,
added layers.
switching off his phone,
his submissive
with worry.

Resurfacing days later predictable
worthless apologies.

Proved to be
The perfect storm
learning phrases
to buy
him time
A little longer
trading in
this model for
the easy ride,
the safe choice,
the bookies favourite.

Often pretending he had kept his appointment.
It was the easiest
carte Blanche
to cheat,
Pick up women, arranging dates,
the latest new toy.

“Man, did you see that sweet thing?”
He said to his wing man. An older yet slicker operator.
An older man
With community standing.

“Sundance & Butch” The Sweetest Bromance

Giving his blessing
his pal was impatient to lay claim on
his woman,
for group sex,
shared with
unsavoury friends.
His chum was
To take her.

“Only when I’ve bagged
That new piece of
fleshy arse,
charmed her
to my way of thinking”

Submissive women clamoured to bask in
Their glorious light.
Chattel and goods,
He knew his worth

“Le Roi du Soleil”

This Golden Lion
threw back his head,
how he roared.
Animalistic prowess,
Mighty brain & mane
ploughing through
the dry wall with gusto, splitting
the lathe
the cool exterior,

“ How dare she
fight me off,
I take what’s mine, however i want
whenever I say.
She cannot
say NO to me!
I own her,
her consent
is not
legal tender.
I own her!
I made her in my image,
She cannot
deny me
my rights”
he screamed.

The cocktail of
street drugs,
party lines
jet lag
All taking a heavy toll
on his mind.

Reality slipping away
no safe return
he did what
he knew best.

Punish her with silence
He retreated
to the bathroom
(To text the other woman)
bolted the door
himself inside

I need time to think.
I went too far this time.
I hope the bruises won’t show on her
face and arms.
She knows how to make me angry
She never learns!

I’ll be balls deep
in that new slut
Just watch me”,
he sighed.

“You can have
whatever you want,
you deserve the best, The Sun King
of Versailles,
know your worth,
my man,
know your worth”;

the voices
inside his head
too loud to ignore.


@Swirlingfire, 26 October 2020

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