The Mark of Cane

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Depending on your point of view I am one of those people, fortunate or unfortunate enough to heal quickly from BDSM punishment.  Or more correctly, for the visible marks to fade quickly.  Usually the deeper pain will also be gone quite rapidly unless she does something dramatic that borders on being a bit dangerous.

A case in point.  Consider the following picture.  RedBack-cropShe put a lot of work in to that and was quite proud of the effect.  There’s extensive use of a dragon tail and that thing fecking hurts.

The redness was totally gone less than an hour later before I left the dungeon.  The strangest thing is that even before the marks are gone, so generally is the pain.  Yet about three days later I tend to feel the skin on my back stretched and twinging.

Of course, by the time I leave the dungeon I usually have more immediate sources of pain on my mind.

To take an example for the bottom, this picture was taken at only our second CP session and was the result of her seeing what I could actually take.


All evidence completely gone in less than 5 days.

The problem with this physiology is that when you first explain it to a domme you get this blank expression and you know exactly what’s going on in her mind behind the eyes – “You can’t ever have been hit hard enough”.

Any domme will consider it a challenge from the sub until they have first hand evidence and learn that you’re not bullshitting and posting a challenge [a note to all subs, if you want to be all macho and issue a challenge to a domme, you will lose big time].  The above picture was my first serious CP in over 5 years, it hurt !!  I was in quite some distress at the end and she knew it, the bullshitters get found out so easily on the receiving end of a cane.  I went home with the words “let’s see how long that takes to clear up” ringing in my ears.

Photographic proof over the next few days as the marks faded and disappeared meant that I’d started to establish my truthful credentials and that’s stood me in good stead ever since.

She may not like the fact that marks aren’t going to last 10 days or 2 weeks but accepts that to consider that a challenge is not safe – I don’t do it deliberately … lol.

It does indeed have it’s dangerous side and there has been a mishap.  She’d given me some major welts with a short thick cane.  Five days later with the visual evidence gone I attended a confinement event she runs with another domme.  Normally there wouldn’t be impact play at such an event, but exceptions might be made for known clients.  The visible signs might have gone but the internal damage had barely started healing.  The taps of the canes were light but the other domme managed to hit just a little harder right on one of the invisible internal welts.  A few accurate strikes and I was overwhelmed.  Typically me, I found the aftermath rather funny but there was a serious message in there for both me and my domme.

Sometimes I’m envious when I see pictures of others with serious marks that last much longer than mine.  Do I think I’m ready for the level of pain it would require to achieve that ?  I have no idea.  I have no gauge to measure against.  It’s a daunting prospect with a certain air of inevitability hanging over me.  I’d probably be quite smug about it afterwards, though.