Why is the Brain Full of Pepperoni ?

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Who remembers the film Fantastic Voyage ?  A submarine miniaturised to microscopic size to explore and repair the brain of an injured scientist.  Yes, I know there was a rework of this in the late 80’s called Innerspace. 

I have more affinity with the older one because it provides some of the visual metaphors that help me make sense of my own explorations.

Why is the brain is full of pepperoni ?

And no, I don’t mean that melody has a vision of herself as Raquel Welch 🤦‍♀️

What I explore is primarily of the mind.  It’s about who is melody and what makes her tick.  There’s still some exploration of the same questions with ‘him’ and why he’s seemingly ready to fade into the background.  It’s about exploring what it means to be a submissive.  Where the pain is just a manifestation of the mental processes.  It’s about why I can emphatically deny I’m a masochist and yet others can call me a pain slut.

Can anyone, even with an encephalograph, actually pinpoint where in the physical brain all this thinking is happening ?

That’s why I can visualise a small craft weaving its way inside me when I’m exploring what makes me tick.

“In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind.” – Stephen Hawking

This is not a solo exploration and if I’m honest I’m probably only the first officer in that miniature submarine.  The captain and pilot ?  Who else but the domme.  The hypnosis is about both of us exploring the effects of mental stimulus inside my head.  To consider hypnosis as a passive thing where you lay back and someone talks suggestions at you is to miss the point, that’s a dead end.

It’s a dead end because to continue the hypnotist needs detailed information about what works and what doesn’t.  This could be about the effect of a single session or it could be about the effect of themes working over months or even years.  She can’t send in her own submarine, so she has to use mine and let me find and analyse the constantly shifting information before passing it back to her.

That submarine crisscrosses the lattices exploring new linkages, observing the strengthening or weakening of ideas and images.  It patrols the id for protection from the monsters.  And above all it’s on the lookout for bruises and scars, damage that needs to be repaired.

It explores the edges as new ideas and concepts form and try to find space.  It cleans up the debris when outdated concepts get shattered to oblivion.

I’ve always been introspective and able to look inside my inner workings.  But I’m not like one of those solo polar explorers, I can only go so far alone.  Having someone else along, someone who can trigger changes, ask awkward questions that have to be answered, see things I miss or don’t want to see, is part of an absolutely amazing journey.

[Tron would have been a good alternative for very similar microscopic images, but I doubt I would have found pepperoni as part of the image.]

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