All Done In The Best Possible Taste

By | April 30, 2018
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Melody can be a right pain in the arse, she’s inherited a trait from the male side and made an art form of it.

Ever since my first forays in to a D/s relationship, even just online, I’ve found that the deeper I go, the more I recognise the deep imperatives to submit, the more there’s an element to push back with smart remarks, flippancy and tweaking of noses.  JeevesIt’s some deep-seated need to say that although I love the depths of control, I am still an independent person.  You might say that it’s a bit like the way that Jeeves punctures Bertie’s aura without being rude or demeaning.  I like the word play, a way to let a semblance of intelligence shine through from both sides.  And I especially love the wit of the domme to respond in kind with word play, especially when it’s all too easy to issue a metaphorical or real slap down.

The independence thing turns out to be important, it says that I choose to be a sub – no matter how deeply I am snared – I am not a slave.  I still make my own decisions, even if done with a certain deference or consideration.  To no longer be able to be impish, even bratty, means that I’ve been made in to a slave and a large part of who I am has been destroyed.

I do have to thank the wonderful people who over the years have put up with this with exceedingly good grace, even if they haven’t fully understood and gritted their teeth.  I also have to apologise to those same people for exactly the same reason.

melody has taken ‘his’ long standing trait and turned it in to new art form – she’s a bit of a gobby bint and drama queen when the mood takes her.  Though to quote the late Kenny Everett, it’s all done in the best possible taste.


2 thoughts on “All Done In The Best Possible Taste

  1. SwirlingFire

    I really enjoyed this post.

    It strongly resonates and made me think whether my mischievous playful nature could easily be misconstrued as ‘brat” like behaviour.
    I hadn’t considered the differences between an “independent” sub / slave…. I’ve never had a relationship to use the term Master or Sir and really give it the full weight and mutual respect required.
    You’ve made me think 🌻

    1. melodyinsights

      I can get worked up and pedantic on the difference between a sub and a slave.

      I appreciate that many now use the terms interchangeably. Though invariably that seems to be because they don’t know the difference.

      To put it in a nutshell, my interpretation has a sub exercising thought and freewill in a D/s relationship. A slave has none of that.


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