Carry On Domming #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I love the incongruous in BDSM, the unexpected moments to produce a giggle, the quirky and the downright hilarious.  Tension busting moments.  Ice breaking moments.

This is the first in an occasional series,

I thought it was time to lighten things up a bit.

I don’t think I could get on with a domme who didn’t enjoy the frivolous moments as much as I do, or at least tolerate them.  That’s a bit hard for some dommes because sometimes those moments will be a puncture in their aura, the immaculate image brought low.  If either of you wants to stand on your dignity, nature is going to take revenge at some time.

I can think of the time where I took a skirt to the session straight from the packaging and not tried it on beforehand.  Walking out in to the dungeon after changing and it felt a little loose.  After being blindfolded and cuffed she led me across the dungeon to one of the benches.  Half a dozen steps in, my skirt was around my ankles.  Cue giggling all around and obviously references to melody being a slut.

My knees are quite fragile, I can barely kneel at all with pressure through the joints.  The first time I was on her spanking bench the pain from the knees outweighed the pain from the canes.  The next time I turned up with a cushion.  davAnd to embrace the incongruity it was a Pingu the Penguin cushion.  It still makes us laugh every time I bring it.  A nice dispensation, but it’s no part of her plan to have my knees break or seize up just for the look of the thing or some concept of protocol.  In fact she can be quite solicitous to ensure it’s in place on the bench.  I find it intensely funny each time that she’s concerned for my comfort whilst raising welts and stripes on my bottom and back amidst ever rising pain.

That cushion comes out in all sorts of circumstances, it’s almost my signature trademark.

When things don’t go to plan, I love the way she sees the funny side and laughs it off before adjusting.