SwirlingFire: Swirly Most Read Posts – #5

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Swirly Most Read Posts – #5


#5 The Hour Glass

#6 Twitter Changed My Life

#7 Empty On The Inside

 #8 The Request

#9 Mentor

#10 You’re Worthless so I Subtweet


These are the most clicked posts since I was approached by melodyInsights.com to kindly host my words.

The mix of styles and my waxing and waning temperament is quite dramatic.  It’s painful at times to revisit some of these posts.

In some cases, light bulb moments.  In others, still mixed feelings of confusion and anger.

Thank you for the support and comments at the time of original publishing.  It was greatly appreciated to be “heard”

#5 – from December 2018

I was still processing the final “silent Treatment and Discard” from several months prior AND the knowledge of seeing another woman wearing my play collar as her avatar within 3 weeks of my discard.  I knew she wouldn’t last until the first frosts of Autumn.
It still gives me nausea to recall having seen that photograph.

On reflection of this piece, masks dropped from the many #Gaslighters of Twitter that showed themselves to me, they still hide in plain site and sight.

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