SwirlingFire: Silent Scream

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Silent Scream

I’m sat cross legged on a squishy futon.  As I brush fluff from my trousers The woman opposite mirrors me.  Expertly examining my face and body language for “tells”.

I smile inwardly whilst feeling that familiar catch in my throat and my chest tightening are about to betray my cool exterior.

I’m usually very good at this game.

Wearing a mask that totally shields my thoughts and feelings to the real world.  It’s a practised art form.  It’s taken more than a decade to skilfully hide in plain sight.

Reading down a list of thoughts feelings and activities, the lady looks intently at me. Kindly. Then she asks me the one question nobody ever has:

Tell me how it feels to be you for a day

A huge box of tissues is gently nudged towards me as she sees the first silent tear roll down my face.

Damn. That woman is good.

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@Swirlingfire, 30 March 2019

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