SwirlingFire: Cruel To Be Kind

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Cruel To Be Kind

Hello “Dear Friend”

It’s been bugging me
more than it should;
You caught me completely off guard when contacting me to tell me you didn’t approve of my followers – yet you categorically refused, point blank – to provide me with genuine instances.

So, may i pose you a
few questions in return?

Why do you *still* have conversations, socialise and generally support
• three rapists,
• four sexual abusers,
• A handful of people that regularly ignore pre-negotiated hard limits, and safe words

Also May I enquire,
why are you personal friends with some generally dishonourable people?

Both Our actions have repercussions.

I work bloody hard not lashing out at people that misunderstand me, hence my failure to articulate at those opportune times.

I’m sorry I showed you respect,
You have now lost that privilege,
when ploughing into my DM and emails to insult me.

I was too shocked to respond.

I could have easily listed personal details about your timeline conduct in return.  Which, btw is neither of the others business,
or anyone else’s.

I’m also very sad you have adopted similar behaviours,
Gaslighting and Fawning.
Common practice under cover by
so many low quality people.

Those I attracted like a magnet.
It was my lack of boundaries.  Now I know and I learn daily to try to practice self improvement, be a better person.

I supported you through your couplings and poly break ups and afterwards,
all the associated
“rejection & distressing subtweeting”,

I never once judged you.
Not once.

I listened.
I supported you.
You shared significant amounts of your personal past plus substantial volumes of triggering info which,
even now,
I would not use against you.

Sadly, it was unscrupulous when you attempted to seriously attack me and use my private information against me.  Unforgivable, untrustworthy character traits.

I feel sorry for you, watching you caught up in “manipulationships”.

I hope, one day, you’ll recognise how cruel, to deliberately type
those words, send,
then childishly subtweet.

I hope you won’t subject another person in the same way ever again,
either for
personal gain or
misplaced agenda.

To quote your fine self

“I’ll leave it at that. Take Care.”


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