SwirlingFire: Mental Media

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Mental Media

Scrolling and eye rolls
Click and zoom
No one’s alone
When your phones in the room

Laughing and joking
Banter runs rife
Nobody knows
When you cyber fuck someone’s wife

Writing deep prose
Spilling ones guts
The Majority laugh
They still think you’re nuts

Buying lace knickers
For the one you adore
It’s all consensual
An underwear whore

Searching for friendship
Finding a lover
It’s all anonymous
It could be your mother

Mocking from bullies
From the cyber aware
Psychiatric keyboard warriors
Unknowingly Screaming
See me
Please care

Framing sweet cheeks
All eyes and tits
Pleading for likes
Until the next fix

Crafting a story
In a life full of monotony
From prompts freely offered
Needing release from invisibility

Handsome men
All suited and booted
Headless Doms
In dull lives
deeply rooted

Repeating mistakes from one year to the next
Yearning for acceptance
From crowds that
Couldn’t care any less

Children with home lives
Of a dysfunctional nature
Desperate for affection
And ripe for the plucking
So very young
Groomed by nonces
For Underage fucking

Trafficking gangs
With jobs and riches
They’re filling the quotas
Looking for cargo
A batch of dumb bitches

Friendships are formed
In the unlikely of spaces
Confidantes in safety
Hiding our faces

Art and imagination
Running wild and free
It’s all fun and games
We all beg
Validate me

Often a chink
In our armour all battered
A stranger slips through
Our last defences
We care
Someone mattered

Dark rainy nights
When we feel alone
No one to talk with
Nobody to ‘phone
The chill of the sheets
An empty bed
No one can hear
The screams in your head

Crying so hard
You make yourself vomit

The silent destroyer
No control from the inside

Under cover till dawn
Another day starts
Must I really move on?

The timelines that refresh
We all do the same
The close knit cliques
We don’t know your name

We talk to each other
Polite at the start
Some we could throttle
Maybe shoot one
at a time
Carefully aimed
Quivers of poisoned darts

We are trapped in the wheel
Of a cyber adventure
We can’t break free
Your followers won’t let ya


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