SwirlingFire: The Silent Timekeeper

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The Silent Timekeeper

I’m the full stop in mid sentence
The pause in every breath
The funeral march that envelops
The disorderly disgrace

I’m the half drunk cup of coffee
With the lipstick smeared rim
The swirling of the liquid
weather turning grim

I’m the clicking of each footstep
The echo in your head
I’m thoughts that keep on twirling
Refusing to play dead

I’m the rustle of leaves
As you take a daily stroll
I’m empty hollow laughter
The type that drains your soul

I’m the sound of the shower
As the fountain warms you through
I’m the knowledge not the answers
You’ll never know the truth

I’m the smile that’s used in public
When the eyes do not crinkle
I’m the measure of their conscience
I’m the sounds of wind-chime tinkle

I’m the beating of your heart
As blood courses through your ears
I’m the mocking in your mind
As your eyes burn from the tears

I’m written in the lyrics of the tunes you once loved so
The chorus booming loudly
Rattling in your memories
Without any place to go

I’m outfits hanging in your wardrobe
My tags still neatly swing
I’m shoes and lace top stockings
Neatly packaged
Waiting to be worn
I’m the rails of clothing
Always mocking
Mixing shame with scorn

I’m the rumble of the bus
I’m the diesel aroma hit
I’m the breezy train platform
The observant Tarmac path
Ignored by all and sundry
Until the wind blows grit

I am the sounds that echo
In the depths of journeys past
I am the open ticket
For the weekend
That was passed.

I’m the gifts that went unacknowledged
I’m the cards tossed and never read
I’m the arrogant expectations
Never caring
If you’re dead

I’m the gently idling engine
The luxury ride in leather
I’m the accidental texts received
The punch that lasts forever

I’m the sound of the last message
The one that never came
It’s just the same old story
The hero without a name

I’m the ice clinking gently
Against the bottom of your glass
I was the first
I am the Last
Of everything you’ll know

You can never beat me
I will always reign supreme


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