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The Superior Sex

The following piece describes emotional mental and physical abuse from Narcissist Personality Disorder and non-consensual sexual sadism – although this piece of writing is heavily sanitised from specifics, it may be distressing for those coming to terms with the realisations from an abusive sexual partner.

for support to those affected by the following piece of prose – add @sub_talk to your Twitter for accurate and professional resource links.

Look after yourselves and your mental health where necessary

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The Superior Sex

The defender of women
I’ll fight for every cause
I’m sympathetic to your struggles
I’ll stand up for being real

I will challenge those behaviours
Of those that do you wrong
I won’t allow malignant comments
I’ll march in rhythm to the beat
Of female solidarity
The J Arthur Rank Gong

My words are quite precise
As I scroll through galleries of most
Excuse me if I dribble
I’m learning to control my timeline lust

My words are so in sync
To the women I respect
The words I’ll use to ensnare
As i talk a pile of bunk

My words are quite deliberate
As I match you tweet for tweet
My actions polar opposite
Once you are the idiot
worshipping at my feet

Rabbits in the headlights
Svengali casting spells
I am the perfect pretender
The gentleman out loud
In private I’m quite different
As you serve me every minute
Of every day
I’ll deny you all your basic needs
Yet I pretend
I make you think
Oh little one, I’m so proud

The tasks I set are nonsense
They’re not going to make you strong
It was your choice to trust me
Stupid Bitch
I’m always right
You will forever be wrong

I’ll temporarily
Pull out the rug
beneath your feet
I’ll tell you i’m concerned
I’ve noticed
Your mental health is
less than sweet

You will never know
It’s such an easy game
To baffle you from nothing
To watch you panic
As I start my next set of games
you will Beg me to reconsider
Testing you
For me to gauge
How much you really care

You’ll never see
the knife twist
as you bend
ever further from the values at your core
The others see you changing
Listen to you repeating “maybe he’s”
You’re such a bore

My domination
the best you’ll ever know
I’ll love bomb you with intensity
Your oxytocin engulfed brain
My super intelligent manipulation
As you’re brainwashed
I’ll drop kick you into
constant emotional pain.

Never quite realising
You consented
On this path
You promise
It’s what you dearly want
The need to serve me
As you further sink
ever lower
In the sewer of my desires
Agreeing to the things
You once listed as hard limits
Non negotiable deal breakers
Honey, please.

The consent that you gave
A clueless silly little girl
Was not what I was offering
It was a test
I was bored
I wondered what you’d do
The trauma bond unbreakable
I think you’re dog crap stinking on my shoe.

Your mind belongs to me now
I’ll own you forever and a day
You won’t know how it happened
I will never stay

You’re sickened by the tasks
I sneakily forced on you to perform
You’re less than wonderful,
This fact, for sure
I tell you
all your faults
Those you never had before

My aim to damage you for life
For my integrity
I’m gladly bereft
your tears bring out my strength
As the sadist in me grows,
No one dares to leave me
I am my own great news.

Shut your stupid mouth love,
You talk a load of crap
Your theories are all nonsense
Everybody tells me
I’m the best
I’m a wonderful chap

You were the accidental tourist
That fell into my web
I’m clever and im cunning
You’re vermin in my trap

you’ll beg for sweet release
To be dead before the dawn
I’m sick and cruelly twisted
I’m the gamekeeper
with metal jaws
Find your self respect little one
My grip is tighter more than ever
The metal jaws around your lithe legs
You’ll find will
Tightly snap
whilst I post photos of my new suit
I am quite the proud peacock feather.

you’re a notch upon my bed frame
I’m surprised my bed still stands
With The scores
that parade in and out of my domain
competing for my time

As far as a conquest
I was bored the moment
you were seduced into my bed
To Me?
Been there, done that
And now
Challenge completed
your appeal is stone cold dead.

My darling, I despise you
You’ll crawl to give me more
My way is just the sweetest
I’ll discard you
Upon my dirty floor

You’re a cheap piece
A worthless bag of fuckmeat
Cheap pâte,
my hors d’oeuvres
That’s what you are
You’re not a real person
You’re an unpaid whore

I get off on the drama
As I break you piece by piece
Your crying
An aphrodisiac
It pushes me to break you further
It’s like my favourite tunes
in the thunder
Of the thoughts that won’t escape

I am all encompassing
every woman’s heavenly dream man
You unleashed the inner beast
I’ll give Mr Crowley
my soul to be like him.

There is no rhyme nor reason
no choice for whom gets slayed
You fluttered into my eyeline
You silly little girl
You never stood a chance

Hoping for new beginnings
That’s how I crept in
Always taking my advantage
From the unsuspecting femme

I scooped you up and listened
Saved you from the
Wreckage of your life
You thought I was a good guy
you couldn’t be more wrong
love bombed you with a vengeance
As your clinging grew
Smothered you with my attention
never slipping from my grasp
You believed every single word
As I happily plied my craft.

I am a very skilled man
My pleasures dark and rare
I stand before you proudly
Immaculately Groomed
Look look at my Great hair

You can’t believe your luck
As I swept you off your feet
I’m quite the cunning artist
Hush Baby, you’re so sweet

I vomit at the thought
as you touch me through the night
searching for your assurances
Not from here
Not quite

As I sleep peacefully beside you
Your slumber always fails
I have new supply now
Your charms
Once bright
Are now so very pale

I lost the tiny vial of respect
I once had for you
The moment
you agreed to the date
It was just a matter of time,
To push you into that deep dark pit
I scare you
I don’t care
Get lost
I’m leaving you for days,

I am a pompous Arsehole
the best man of all time
Don’t Try to wriggle free,
my dear
You are


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