SwirlingFire: You’re Worthless So I Subtweet

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You’re Worthless So I Subtweet

I won’t ever ask you questions
I won’t
Or share My thoughts
With you,
I’m too cowardly.
I tell
My friends
about you.
I make
incorrect assumptions
about you and
your words,
to mock you
and your pathetic life.

I know nothing about you
I never
read your blogs.
I pull your words
out of context
to attack you.

I’m too busy
showing off to
My friends
They secretly dislike me
I am all powerful
they’re scared
I’ll turn on them
the way
I enjoy

you’re not a sex blogger.
you don’t belong
important people

Like Me.

you don’t share
private selfies,
your spread vagina
Naked breast pics
are absent
I bet you’re ugly

you don’t
write about the sex
Important to Me.

you’re not

your dom didn’t want you
he threw you aside.
Like the
rubbish you are!

I laugh at your tears
I am Uber Kink!

I know
The correct ways
you know nothing
you are nothing
To Me

I sling mud
at you because
I don’t know
How it feels.

I have attention from everyone
you don’t
you never will.

you’re vile

I tell everyone
About you
I feel invincible when
I compare
My brilliant life
To your empty existence.

I subtweet you
from My lofty heights
self awarded
Self entitled

I’m a million times better
than you

I don’t understand
expressing My hate
toward you,

I’m showing
My true self.

I’m controlled
I’m conditioned
By the adulation of
smoke and mirrors by proxy

My entourage
generally avoid Me

They pay
lip service
when necessary or
I’ll destroy them,
In any way I deem cruellest.

I’m drunk
on My power

My Ego

I don’t consider
Nor do I care
the damage I cause with
Selfish Bullying.

I will Never take
accountability or,
My online behaviour.

Nobody will dare to tell
I behave like
a Sociopath.

I’m a very unhappy person.

My world partially crumbling
I’m angry.
I’m hurt.
I’m ashamed.

I’m sad

I feel
My identity fading.

My pain is tangible.
I can’t stop the hurt.

So, I hurt others.

(I’m a coward)

It makes
Feel better.

My ways are
The only Way !

I will
never understand
Never talk
to you.

I choose to insult you.

I don’t believe
your blog contents.

When subtweeting you,
I am validated.

My position amongst peers is vindicated.

Carved out in stone 


I relish My enjoyment
in your
Emotional pain.

I am the secret
A monster
In plain view.

When I learn
how to deliberately
I’d probably do that too!

I am important,
you are
a worthless
piece of rubbish.

I make Myself feel better
about My life
By being cruel to you.

I Am

I must not appear weak,
I must always be
better than you.

I need support
I cannot ask
I won’t be vulnerable
Like you
I can’t show weakness
Like you
I cannot show empathy
like you
I don’t know you
I detest you.

you represent
the taboo sides of life.
Hidden shame and violence.
It’s all familiar to

I won’t ever share my truth.
I’m stuck in a deep rut.
I made this bed.
I’m trapped in the world
I created.

you have nothing
Compared to Me.

you are
that i’m not.

You’re changing and evolving
You are healing.

One day
In future months
You will find Your strength.

i will
No longer be able
To Destabilise You,
Or Control Your thoughts.

You will be stronger than me.
You will find Your
self confidence
You will find
Your purpose in life
i will still be me
In the hamster
Wheel of life
Unable to stop
The cycle i created
You will move forward
i will never register in
Your thoughts
will lose my power
Whilst You Thrive.

i will
move onto
New vulnerable people
that enter
my Kingdom.

Flies trapped in my web.

This is why
i subtweet You.

In my eyes


must always be
You will
never be as





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