Taboo Redux

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In a different frame of mind this post could have been for the #F4TFriday #110 prompt of Taboo.

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Needle Play Pictures

In the original Twitter thread about what is Taboo ?  There were a few references to medical play, including needle play.  For those unable to proceed here’s a picture of kittens whilst you press the back button.


I’ll continue for those still here:

Needle play was a major taboo for me.  Not that I had any rational reason I could point to, apart from that it made me uncomfortable, even squeamish to think about it.

My domme persuaded me to give it a go and I found it okay, though not particularly hooked.  It was the second time she did it that got me hooked and she’s done it a few times since.  Not only can I take a lot more now, she’s also getting confident I can take more challenging artwork.

In the session this week she introduced both longer needles (6″) and some much thicker ones.  Fresh challenges to learn to relax as she manipulates them in.

I’m turning into something of a needle bunny.

A close up of one section


Compare the needle thickness of those in the circle and those on the right.


The full effect