SwirlingFire: Swirly Most Read Posts – #8

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Swirly Most Read Posts – #8

#8 The Request

 #9 Mentor

#10 You’re Worthless so I Subtweet


These are the most clicked posts since I was approached by melodyInsights.com to kindly host my words.

The mix of styles and my waxing and waning temperament is quite dramatic.  It’s painful at times to revisit some of these posts.

In some cases, light bulb moments.  In others, still mixed feelings of confusion and anger.

Thank you for the support and comments at the time of original publishing.  It was greatly appreciated to be “heard”

#8 – from May 2019

I had started a new block of trauma therapy when this prompt piece was published.

My therapist didn’t understand me or Narcissistic Personality Disorder #NPD, Gaslighting and Ghosting in relation to BDSM/Kink etc.  We had a disagreement and I wanted to change Therapists.  After a brief chat with the practice manager (The Assessment), who
understood my ‘disconnect’.

This piece was the “first blog as journal” I gave to my Therapist to read.  It was the turning point for processing how deeply I’d been abused by mindWizard.

I was still coming to terms with the regular rapes with correct terminology and my “submissive training”

This detailed piece generated the most subtweeting by those that never discussed it with me or read it in context with my other pieces.


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