Dance Me To The End Of Love

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With only a few exceptions every person who has been part of my D/s journey has been a fan of Leonard Cohen.  Perhaps that’s because beyond the lyrical and romantic poetry, the understanding of the human condition, there’s more than a hint he had some BDSM leanings.  Live versions of I’m Your Man usually included “I’ll wear a leather mask for you”, where leather was not on the recorded version.  In the song The Future we have “Give me crack and anal sex” – when live, accompanied by an evil snigger.

As a backing track to life, Cohen would crop up in strange ways.  I’ll always remember one short relationship for this exchange:

Me: Well, I’m rather a fan of Leonard Cohen

Her: Oh.  I can’t stand him, he’s so miserable.

Her: My favourite song is Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

Me: <cough> !!!

The background music to my first true encounter with thuddy and stingy implements was Cohen.  She didn’t become my domme, she became my big sister and one of our best nights out was when I took her to see Cohen at the O2 in 2008.  The Live in London DVD was recorded that night and I can catch a glimpse of her on it.  Very fond memories.

Personally I’d first seen Cohen earlier in the year, the very first UK date of that comeback tour in the tiny Manchester Opera House.  No one knew what they were in for.  We’d have been happy with 45 minutes of nostalgia just to say we’d seen the legend.  Instead we got an incredible three hours of Leonard and his band full of energy.

His opening number on that tour has long been one I’ve associated with my D/s partners.  It speaks volumes to me as a sub – “Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in“.

This song will be going through my head during a session in the dungeon.  My domme will have her own, more modern, soundtrack playing.  But in my head as I feel the dance of the implements quickening, this song is playing.  The words speak of having a protector, someone who is there to guide and keep you safe, your anchor in the void.  And as she pushes the intricacy and beat of the dance – “Show me slowly what I only know the limits of

Dance Me To The End Of Love – Leonard Cohen

This song has been with me for so long, yet its relevance and meaning seem to keep growing.  I doubt that my domme even knows the song but I associate it ever deeper with her, probably because she always pushes my limits, takes me to the edge of danger and then gathers me safely in.  The sensual touch as she explores the welts of her handiwork – “Touch me with your naked hand or touch me with your glove“.

As deep as this can send me into sub-space I still find a humorous aspect to it – the lady wants to learn to play the violin !!

Ultimately it’s a very romantic song and there’s a wonderful book which is filled with paintings by Matisse expressing the lyrics of the song.  I love this book, too.


A Postscript:

Okay, I’m, officially in bits here.

I went searching for a link to the song from Live in London.  I found one, but I wasn’t expecting to read this comment associated with it:


It doesn’t change my associations with the song, in fact makes them stronger.  It does add a fresh element of poignancy in that no one knows what happened to the European side of my family, only that by 1945 there were none left.


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