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[F4Thought] Home Is Not A Setting On My SatNav

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Home is not a physical place that I recognise.  I was uprooted from the last place I last considered to be a physical place to call home at the age of eight.  I’ve never since thought of a building, town or even a wide geographic location as home. The closest I got to that was all those… Read More »

[F4Thought] One Book

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Perhaps my very earliest memory is from the age of around three, being in bed and being taught to read by my mother.  Yes, she did also read to me, or tell stories.  She loved Greek mythology and imbued me with the magic of story telling from antiquity. Those memories don’t last long, once she’d got me… Read More »

The Safe Word Hypocrite

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Under the most basic general principles of safety I am all in favour of subs having a safe word.  With so much discussion focused around consent, it’s an essential part of play that makes safety first and foremost for all concerned.  For sure, the more you trust your partner the less you may feel a safeword is… Read More »

[F4TFriday] Music New and Old

Reading Time: 7 minutes   I know many people who like, even need, a soundtrack to their daily lives.  It’s not something I can do.  I’ve always had an aversion to loud noise and more recently I have developed misophonia, which means that although the worst are ‘people noises’, any background noise has the potential to cause migraines, you’ll never see me… Read More »

The Waft of Jelly Babies

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Someone suggested that this should be the title if I ever wrote a book on my travels through D/s and kink. It’s a flippant title that has a serious message within it.

Dance Me To The End Of Love

Reading Time: 3 minutes With only a few exceptions every person who has been part of my D/s journey has been a fan of Leonard Cohen.  Perhaps that’s because beyond the lyrical and romantic poetry, the understanding of the human condition, there’s more than a hint he had some BDSM leanings.  Live versions of I’m Your Man usually included “I’ll wear a… Read More »

[F4TFriday] Selfies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Content Notice: No flesh on display There’s a dividing line in my relationship with the camera.  Until very recently, I didn’t have one.  I aggressively avoided being in any picture.  The only pictures of me being for a passport and very reluctantly, ID for work (though I did pass off a picture of Father Jack as ID for an… Read More »

[F4TFriday] Communication

Reading Time: 3 minutes I thought I knew about communication in a D/s relationship after the years with the former mistress.  Like most long lived relationships we had established good communication.  Some accomplished with my weekly journal and increasingly the unconscious communications of people who know each other very well. It’s worth noting that your agreed ground rules to communication must be adhered… Read More »

We Are Living On Forbidden Planet

Reading Time: 2 minutes The civilised Krell destroyed themselves by creating a network where they could express their deepest thoughts and desires.  The machine behind the network could turn these thoughts and desires in to physical manifestations. The Krell wiped themselves out overnight due to the ‘monsters from the Id’ being made manifest. Does this sound familiar ? Human civilisation is the… Read More »

Why I’m not an Ally

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s a lovely, inclusive honourific to receive from a friend, but I’m really coming to loathe the term.  Maybe that’s not quite right, I think what I loathe is the fakeness it generates in the broader world. At best it’s a badge to show off right-on credentials and moral superiority.  At worst it’s cover for perpetrators to continue… Read More »

Colour Coordination

Reading Time: < 1 minute Generally I hate the thought of posting something self-indulgent.  Then once in a while I think, what the hell, this is my blog. Over recent months melody has become primary enough to be out and about in public.  Yesterday was a long trip to the dungeon, which means stops at service stations and being exposed to the public. … Read More »

melody The Socialite

Reading Time: 4 minutes Whether it’s D/s or manifestations of gender dysphoria it’s safe to say that I’ve been tightly locked in the closet for most of my life.  When the important parts of my life were career and social/family it was terrifying to consider putting any of that in jeopardy to cater for some nagging black thoughts in the very back… Read More »

What Stares Back From The Darkness ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes One thing that periodically comes to haunt me are the thoughts about dark cravings and desires.  For me, there are two distinct types of darkness that can inhabit the nastier recesses of my mind

Are You Shadowbanned ? Or Jumping to Conclusions ?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The issue of shadowbanning on Twitter seems to have hit a level of consciousness that at times reminds of the days when fat fingers would do something unexpected on a computer and the immediate conclusion people would jump to was that they had been infected with a mysterious virus. I’ve recently pointed a number of people at a… Read More »

Where has melody been all this time ?

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s rather daunting to be sat here with a blank canvas and wondering what pictures to paint on it.

One thing that cropped up from my guest writings was the question of why hasn’t melody written before.  Well, she has.